Special 17: Wet & Wild

Air Date: November 16, 2011

This episode featured a countdown of the cast’s favorite myths involving water.

12. Wettest & Wildest

Myth: Waterslide Wipeout

This segment featured details on building the massive, steep launch ramp for this myth, and Adam’s experience sliding down it.

11. Water Bomb

Myths: Water Safe, Black Powder Shark

This segment featured two of the cast’s favorite myths involving submerged explosives.

10. Out in the Cold

Myth: Swimming in Syrup

This segment revealed the challenges of staying warm during the swimming time trials, filmed during winter in San Francisco.

9. Dive! Dive! Dive!

Myth: The Squeeze

Revealed the Build Team’s unsavory experience with the pork dummy Tory built to help test this myth.

8. MythBusters on Ice

Myth: Blue Ice

The Build Team reflected on their visit to a NASA low-temperature wind tunnel.

7. Under Pressure

Myths: Exploding Water Heater, Steam Powered Machine Gun

This segment discussed dealing with the energy and hazards of steam in myth testing.

6. Pool Cruelty

Myth: Bulletproof Water

Revealed the mayhem caused by firing high-powered weapons into a swimming pool.

5. Water Torture

Myth: Chinese Water Torture

Highlighted the unpleasant experiences of Adam and Kari during this round of testing (Adam urinating on himself, Kari enduring the torture until a paramedic stopped the test and removed her).

4. The Life Aquatic

Myth: Octopus Egg Pregnancy

Adam discovered that the texture of his skin was unusually pleasant to octopuses.

3. Boatmageddon

Myth: Bifurcated Boat

The Build Team faced repeated difficulties in setting up and performing their tests on land.

2. Hidden Depths

Myths: Eye Gouge, Fish Flap, Fatal Flashlight

Memorable shark myths, as chosen by each cast members.

1. Rock the Boat

Myth: Building a Pykrete Boat

The inspiration for building a speedboat out of newspaper-based “Super Pykrete” stemmed from the cast’s second trip to Alaska.


  1. dave says:

    Hey Guys why dont you try doing under-water explosions and the presure efectcts

    like the anti sub mines etc

    should make bute film efects

    dave from Australia

  2. chinese history says:

    About paper and steel armour. In around 600AD, there were the tribes from Pearl River area, (Southern China not yet incorporated into the Chinese Empire) kneated bamboos to make body armours. They were inpenetrable by arrows and deflective to sward strikes. The Hans won the war eveually by luring the bamboo armoured soliders into a canyon and set them on fire.

  3. Faith says:

    i just saw the moon one and i wood like to ask can u bust

    if man can make a real fake UFO and make it look real thank you

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