Special 5: Shop Till You Drop

Air Date: April 4, 2005

This episode explored some of the MythBusters’ favorite stores and vendors that they use when buying supplies for the show. The episode also included a tutorial on how to make ballistics gel, which is constantly used in the MythBusters’ experiments. No new myths were tested.


  1. owen says:

    i live in england so im afraid i have never seen this episode but i would love to make ballistics gel ( to test my air rifles and crossbows ) please set it up on a website !!!!!!!!!

  2. Luis says:

    I havent seen it. I live in FL,USA. Someone should post it. I would like to use it to shoot my rifle too. Some one please post it!

  3. Croatia says:

    I saw it! Ok you make ballistics gel out of ballistics material, phosphoric acid, and a little bit of cinnamon leaf agent. Ok you pour the ball.material into water, then you stir it by power mixer, then add a couple drops of CLA (cinnamon leaf agent), just to reduce the foam, and then put the acid. Pour into into a mold and let it sit in a cool place and you’re ready to go.

  4. bojan says:

    hey croatia do you speek serbian I must fiend your name and email i never mis the sow
    but we can ad a coments together

  5. Dean says:

    I forget the exact episode, but there was a myth about being able to walk on water that they did a number of years ago (may have been one of the “Ninja Myth” episodes).
    Adam tried several known Ninja “devices” and none of them worked (pretty comical watching him try to use them in a pool, though).
    Jamie finally showed Adam how one can walk across a “liquid”.
    He mixed a whole bunch of corn starch with water and came up with a slurry that just thick enough that Adam could actually walk across a container of this stuff.
    Once Adam stopped walking, though, he instantly started to sink into it.
    This MAY also work as part of a back stop for low velocity projectiles, such as arrows and small caliber, low speed ammunition.

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