Special 4: MythBusters Outtakes

Air Date: March 16, 2005

In this episode outtakes and other deleted scenes were shown. Original myths that were completely edited out include:

It is possible to get free energy by using a coil of baling wire positioned under a power line.

partly plausible

For this myth the MythBusters created a large coil of wire, and wrapped it around a PVC pipe box. They then hoisted it underneath powerlines in order to "catch" some electricity. They were able to obtain about eight millivolts of electricity. They determined that siphoning a practically useful amount of electricity in such a manner would require thousands of pounds of wire, and would be extremely impractical and dangerous, as well as being illegal.

Cola can be used as a toilet cleaner.


For this myth, Adam dirtied M5’s bathroom with engine oil in preparation for the cleanup. Jamie was greatly upset at this, but Adam assured him he’d be able to clean it. Adam tried to clean with cola, which only made the problem worse. Adam eventually cleaned using a regular all-purpose cleanser which worked well.

A radio transmitter can cause tattoos to explode.


The MythBusters built a small, low power transmitter, as a real one was too dangerous. They used two containers, one with water (control) and one with tattoo ink. They activated the transmitter, which managed to interfere with a radio in the workshop, and left it running. At the end of the test, the temperature of both liquids were almost the same. The tattoo ink was only half a degree warmer.

A train can be derailed if coins are placed on the rails.


The train simply heated and flattened the pennies. Quoting narrator Rob Lee, "The myth wasn’t Busted – it was Flattened."


  1. Penny Kid says:

    The only way a penny on the track will stop a train is by railroad policy. It is entirely possible to immobilize a train with a couple pennies wedged between a wheel and track. If the engineer can’t get rolling at a certain throttle level, they are to stop trying and investigate things like stuck brakes or wheel chocks.

    • Whatever says:

      If you put a woman named Penny on the tracks, it might get derailed if they tried to stop very fast or the hero didn’t get there in time to rescue her.

  2. sam says:

    yeah what penny boy said

  3. nate says:

    when my father was a kid ,he said they use to “butter up” the tracks to mess with the trains,lol. he was ,and still is a prankster.

  4. Dwaine says:

    On the movie “kiss the girls” staring Morgan Freeman he held the muzzle of his glock up against a carton of milk to keep the muzzle spark from ignighting gas fumes that had filled the room. I would like to see that proven possable. THANKS

  5. penny2 says:

    Dude, rail locomotives weigh more than 100 tons, pennies stacked, in a line or whatever will not derail a train. Silverware, larger coins, wrenches and airasol cans don’t work either (Not because I’ve done that but I’ve known idiots who have)

  6. Aureis says:

    Unless you’re living off engine oil, why on earth would you have it down your toilet? Besides which, you’ve already proven that cola does not remove grease or oil…DUH!

  7. Hey guys says:

    Hey guys, I am a little disappointed in your safety practices. The penny derailing a train episode could have caused big problems. As a former California Fire Fighter, I have personally seen pennies shot out from a train rolling over them. I have seen them lodged in a tree, a power pole, and a person. Having you two stand right next to the track looking at the pennies as the train rolled over them is a real bad idea, now kids everywhere will try the same just to get a nice keepsake. It may have to do with the speed of the train or how it is placed on the track but it really does happen, A lot. I love your show, and will keep watching it. I just thought you should know.

  8. Sik says:

    I call BS on Mr. Firefighter. A train can’t shoot a penny out from it’s tracks any more than a car can with a piece of bread. The train weighs FAR too much for that to happen, it’s a totally different mechanic than tiddlywinks.

    • PilotFighter123 says:

      Actually smart one… The speed of the train will outweigh the weight… Therefore making it possible to shoot the pennyfrom the track… My cousins tried this experiment for themselves. The volosity of the train will actually shoot the penny off the track depending on the placement and speeed of the train. So no, It is not BS. Only fact. Thank you for your time.

      • joebob says:

        To back up what Pilotfighter123 says, we used to camp by a train track and would put all sorts of stuff on the tracks to see what happened. Pennies and other coins squirted off the tracks when the train hit them and there was evidence that the metal actually flowed from the pressure or impact. Additionally we could rarely find the pennies we did put on the tracks as they shot off the rail (and didn’t just vibrate off) we even tried taping them on with duct tape which did help a bit but still lost most of what we put on the track, especially if a freight train came through. Incidentally the penny leaves an image of the coin on the tracks behind most of the time.

  9. Joe says:

    some prison tattoos allegedly have small bits of metal in them this may be why they “explode,” although it is more likely that it would just get really hot.

  10. felixnoir says:

    In developing countries people place coins on tracks in order to flattens them for making into pots. In general people place a lot of crap on tracks.

  11. Jesuspornstar says:

    I use to put new born kittens on tracks to see if they would fly off and start fires.

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