Special 3: Ultimate MythBuster

Air Date: February 9, 2005

In this episode Adam and Jamie competed in a series of competitions to determine who was the "Ultimate MythBuster".

Challenge 1: Build a machine that can shoot a tortilla as far as possible.

winner: jamie

Adam built a wooden machine that took the tortilla and threw it between two aluminum plates. Jamie designed and built a cannon, made from pipe and a compressed air tank. Adam used all three attempts allowed by the competition rules and his best shot was 60 feet (18 metres). In Jamie’s first (and only) shot the tortilla was projected 73 feet (21.9 metres).

Challenge 2: The fear test.


The East Bay Vivarium presented myriad creatures (Corn Snakes, Tarantulas, African Emperor Scorpions and a Tanzanian Giant Millipede) to test the Mythbusters’ courage. The scorpions had the most effect on the two, but in this challenge no winner was determined.

Challenge 3: Guess the weight of three items.

winner: adam

Adam and Jamie had to guess the weight of three items: a toy car, an angel statue, and a hatch from a plane. Both were to wager two guesses, the first by observing the item, the second by holding it. Adam guessed more accurately on all three occasions.

Challenge 4: Build a device to drop an egg (without breaking it) with help of two oranges, two latex gloves, paper, five feet (1.5 metres) of tape, twenty feet (six metres) of string, and "other assorted trash found lying around the workshop".

winner: jamie

Adam created a cone made of paper. He put an orange on the bottom and the egg was placed inside the inflated gloves. He had two tries to drop the egg without breaking it. Jamie first ate his orange, and put the egg inside the orange peel. The orange went in one glove, and he tied it to a string. At the other end of the string he affixed the five feet (1.5 metres) of tape. With this approach he could drop the suspended egg from only a few feet off the ground via the string/tape. It was successful. Adam protested, but Jamie was the winner, as this was a contest of ingenuity.

Challenge 5: Who possessed the higher threshold of pain was determined in a paintball standoff.

winner: jamie

The MythBusters faced each other and shot once, then they took a step closer and shot again. After Jamie hit Adam in the naval three consecutive times, Adam forfeited.

Final challenge 6: The MythBusters Episode Quiz

winner: jamie

Adam and Jamie quizzed each other regarding the events during some of the previous episodes. Adam had 4 and a half questions correct. Jamie won with 5 correct answers.

Overall Score

winner: jamie

Jamie won 4.5 challenges while Adam won 1.5.


  1. caleb says:

    adam should’ve won. jamie, eat a cookie.

  2. Willie says:

    Need to check your episode for puffy seds buster and results with test on positive on a drug test, thank you and happy new year to all.

  3. caleb says:

    Actually, Jamie should have won and he did.

  4. Josh says:

    Don’t know about the whole contest but Adam should have at least been the winner on the egg competition.

  5. Like with like says:

    Challenge 5 was in no way a valid comparison.

    If it was to be a fair comparison both Adam and Jamie would have faced the same paintball gun at the same distances, with the same body target or sequence of targets for each, and not know of each other’s capitulation under after both were finished with testing.

    Under such a scenario Jamie in all likelihood would have capitulated much sooner, and given Adam’s demonstrable tolerance for pain over the many Mythbusters series it would not be surprising to see Jamie give up before Adam.

    Sorry Mythbusters, but Jamie’s little exercise in sadistic oneupmanship kinda takes the science out of the exercise.

    Myth 1: busted 0.

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