Special 2: Buster Special

Air Date: February 2, 2005

This episode re-lived Buster’s finest moments. No new myths were tested.


  1. Roy Ford says:

    I always feel sorry for Buster. have always liked the show

  2. David says:

    buster I soluit you

  3. Cole says:

    I pledge allegence to buster

  4. J.D says:

    I’m in this with Roy. POOR BUSTER!

  5. Matt C> says:

    I originally was looking through all of these to see if “a car battery placed on conrete floor will lose its charge”. But I did not see this test and it would be easy and cheap to do.

  6. lored carpio says:

    buster you rock

  7. Supermonkey says:

    The battery on concrete myth came from the old days when the cases were made of wood rather than just lose their charge the bottoms rotted out.

  8. mel mythical says:

    go BUSTERRR you are awesome <3

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