President Obama to Appear on MythBusters

Published: October 18, 2010

While speaking today at the White House Science Fair, President Obama announced that he will appear in an upcoming episode of MythBusters. President Obama will appear alongside Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage on December 8th, 2010 in a new episode titled President’s Challenge. He will promote the importance of science education and challenge the MythBusters team to find out whether Archimedes really helped the Greeks destroy an invading Roman fleet using mirrors.

President Obama with the MythBusters

President Barack Obama with co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage in the Library of the White House, July 27, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)


  1. Earl Wilson says:

    My family has been a fan of myth busters for a very long time, as you have elected to have obama on your show we will never watch another myth buster show
    GOOD BY E.W.

    • Tyler Troy says:

      I find that if you’re racist/republican enough to stop watching a TV show because Obama appears on it you are a sad, sad person.

      • Tyler Troy says:

        Although if you have a different motive then it’s probably good.

      • C says:

        The whole “racist” argument is really getting old. You’re not fooling anyone anymore

    • DocHoskins says:

      Wow, I’m a staunch Republican, and just the opposite happened to me. Since Pres. Obama appeared on Mythbusters, he has gained some cred in my eyes. Not pulling down MB at all. Keep rockin the science, guys.

    • Nate says:

      Good riddance… You’re obviously far too incompetent in even the very basic intellectual skills to even comprehend what the show is about (not to mention your grammatical errors). So I will stoop to your level and just say: “you are a terrorist because you don’t support the president”, and “you are anti-american”.

    • Enzo says:

      I think you’ll still continue to watch, regardless.

    • Kai Haesler says:

      You are a sick man, very much and probably a member of the KKK. I hope you get better soon but chances are slim. Usually people like you canĀ“t be cured.

  2. John Lawler says:

    I love watching MythBusters. I think it is a refreshing piece that encourages kids and adults to appreciate science and realize how physics, chemistry and math can be put to practical use.

    However, I was dismayed to see that the producers have decided to bring a politician on the show. One of the reasons I watch MythBusters is to get away from the disingenious remarks of these political buffoons.

    I love to watch Jamie and Adam work together and I hope they continue this show for many years to come.

    However, I think the producers of this show have made a serious mistake bringing their politics into a science show under the guise of encouraging kids to become interested in science. Are we really expected to believe that kids will become enthusiastic about science because of a politician on TV??? How gullible do you think the public is!!!

    I will not watch that episode nor buy the season DVD if it includes a politician.

    Maybe MythBusters needs a new producer if these are the kind of ideas they will agree to. They should have told the White House no thanks when approached with this idea.

    • John S. says:

      Not to disagree, he is a politician, but he is also the President of the United States. I think thats the catch they are trying to pull out here.

    • Retired Navy LCDR/Teacher says:

      Let’s not forget the ‘deer in the headlights’ look of the previous ‘great decider’ as he sat & remained in a child’s chair ‘reading to kids’ while the Twin Towers in NYC & the Pentagon were being attacked ON HIS WATCH!

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree with John Lawler about the politician part. I’m a kid myself (okay teen,but that still counts) and so I know. No kid really cares about what he says (much less if he talks about science). That is like a historian going on tv talking about nutrition. If you don’t do anything related to the thing THEN DON’T DO IT. I think all Obama is doing is taking an old idea (kids in the US must have better education!!) and showing up on shows to talk about how much he “cares” about it. He’s LITTERLY taking credit from people like Kari Byron who are actually DOING something about it (btw, she is my role model and her new show, Headrush is pretty cool Check it out sometime ;)
      Still, I think you shouldn’t stop watching MB just because of this, they’re human and humans screw up sometimes (“It’s going to go into the waaateeerrrr”)

  3. Dr.Bilal Ahmed Khan says:

    I have always loved Mythbusters, i am a big fan. But haven’t you guys already proved this myth? Its also GREAT to see you guys with the President.

  4. J Jenson says:

    Just a note from regular “joe public”. to a great show.
    Its ridiculous your show has entered the political arena. As an average almost out of work American, I am SICK and TIRED of our president trying to be a Rock Star. With all of his state of the union, press conferences, as well as his political stumping for candidates all over the country, now this. He has more Air Time in two years than any president in history, and the most serious economic decline in history. He aught to be spending his damn time in the White House doing what he was elected for!!

    Have fun airing him again, you’ve lost my viewership. Mine is not an uncommon view.

    • Krysee says:

      Clearly, some people aren’t cool enough to be Mythbusters fans. Good riddance.

    • Faye Kane, homeless brain says:

      Let me see, when Clinton was President, he balanced the budget, the country was at peace, and we were all healthy, wealthy, and wise.

      Then, who was that drunken, retarded clown that came in and wrecked the country in eight years?

      Mmmm… was it Obama? No, he’s the one who’s cleaning up the mess, and the economy is improving.

      Now lemme think…

      — faye kane

  5. L. Jones says:

    I think it’s great to have the President of the United Sates on your show to promote educational value. It’s what we all should be doing. Children look up to leaders like the President because they don’t understand the complexities of politics. They see a person who is in a position they all dream of being in like sports heroes, and entertainers. Too many people are quick to criticize the president in a negative light because the media is has not shown the positive result of the election of our new President. For example taxes have been cut and people don’t even know it because the cut came on the reduction of amount of taxes taken from paychecks. I think it’s important we respect the position of the office no matter who is in it. I think it was brave of him to come run during a time when the country was being run to the ground, and attempt to help make things right.

    • Krysee says:

      Exactly. And to people who think he’s not doing his job, rethink that. This IS his job, to lead by example. The president has very little actual power: he can declare war without the consent of congress and either sign or veto bills, that’s about the extent of it. Everything else he has to go through a thousand hail maries at the hands of people who don’t necessarily want to see him succeed. Every President in the past fifty years (even Dubya) has had some vested interest in public education and makes at least token appearances to lead from the front on educational topics. This is part of the job, and that he’s choosing Mythbusters as part of it is rather awesome.

    • Rebecca says:

      Uh… I hate to rain on your parade, but kids aren’t as dumb as you think. Even my 8 year-old brother understands politics (anyone 3rd grade or above does debates and reports on this stuff).Teens (like me) think that Obama should be helping the economy instead of doing nothing but going on TV saying how he “cares” about education. So sorry, but the only kids who really look up to Obama are kindergartners who can’t read.

  6. sm says:

    its pretty sad Earl wont watch another mythbusters cause he is racist

    • Krysee says:

      It’s pretty sad when people who don’t like a specific black person are deemed “racist” when it’s exactly the same kind of remark nobody was racist for when we were saying it about Dubya.

  7. Audfyre says:

    aww… COME ON!!!! WHY RUIN A PERFECTLY GOOD SHOW BY BRINGING A POLITICIAN ON! I completly agree with John Lawler in that Pres. Obama is a “political buffoons” however, if anything, bringing a politician on the show is more likely to turn children away from science if they don’t agree with Pres. Obama’s policies. MythBusters is a SCIENCE show meant to entertain and inform. It is not a place for politics. Besides, what does politcs have to do with an “Archimedes Death Ray” anyhow?

  8. SunLoBoned says:

    So, did they find out if Obama is really a Muslim?

    • Krysee says:

      Off topic AND slanderous. Give yourself a trollish pat on the back!

      • Katarina says:

        Watching live sex, Helen and I are in, where do we get tickets?Why is it that the last straw is cvelonie?Because it is the last straw, or seen as such. I’ve had a few computers I’ve wanted to take out in the yard and beat the crap out of myself. Should have, they ended up junk anyway.Not going to hurt junior to learn about sex, in times past it was common in some areas to take junior to a whorehouse to be trained right. A right of passage thing, or something like that.

    • Karma says:

      No, they never did. Because he’s not.

      Keep trying.

  9. John S. says:

    Why are people so upset about having their own president on the show? Politics in America is broken, but don’t rage about stopping to watch the show for that. You are punishing the wrong end of the cycle there. Anyways, some people here should really attend the RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY/FEAR! 2010~ to raise their voice about their anger about politics~ rather than to stop watching one of the most awesome show in this planet.

    -Just a thought

    • just dude says:

      I think what most people here who have a problem with Obama being on the show is that the mustached wizard goes out of his way to make snide little remarks about Republicans and anyone who does not think politically like he does. So putting POTUS on the show is nothing more than a ploy to raise his rapidly sagging approval rating. Why else? he sure does not have anything intellectual or unscripted to bring to the show. If you think I am a racist fine, that’s the easy thing to say because it’s basically all you have to defend Obama.

      • Faye Kane, homeless brain says:

        Jamie badmouths the re: pig lickin’ party on the show?



        Where can I buy that episode?

        -faye kane

        Did you ever wonder why there are more smart people in unitarian churches than in southern baptist ones?

        Did you ever notice that smart people tend to be liberal, and stupid red necks tend to be re: pig lickin’?

        Think that’s a coincidence?

  10. AySz88 says:

    @ John S. – Honestly, I don’t think these people would qualify for the sanity part. Maybe the fear part, but…well, that’s supposed to be satirical, not actual.

  11. Carrie says:

    “A politician”?? He’s the President of the United States of America. This is not about pushing his own politics, it’s about leading the nation and emphasizing the important of science and education.

    • Noah says:

      Finally a voice of reason

  12. Jasen Tamiia says:

    Waitaminute. Didn’t they already do the Archimedes Solar Ray? Or are they doing a revisit it Obama in it?

    • Rebecca says:

      revisit it Obama in it. They have done this myth 2 times already

  13. @DH405 says:

    Nevermind the hateful folk. I think it’s great to see the President with Adam & Jamie.

    Beyond the fact that his role is political in nature, he’s a guy who kids look to as our country’s leader. Seeing him encouraging kids to LEARN is a great thing, especially if he’s getting kids to learn the Mythbusters way, which is hands-on, passionate, and fun.

  14. Tony says:

    Really? Its for encouraging kids to get into science. I had to put up with the silly crap about Reagan and his damn jelly beans. President Johnson was big on the Presidential Fitness Program. Kennedy helped drive the space program. Stop being turds you dang sourpusses. All Republicans has that sourpuss face look.

    • Faye Kane, homeless brain says:

      That’s because they’re evil. You only need to look at Cheney’s scowl.

      The rich manipulate their zombie army of stupid people with fear, anger, jingoistic slogans, simpleminded propaganda, nationalistic music, colorful flags, and shiny objects.

      How many of those angry, stupid anti-obamacare goobers and sign-carrying, tea-party jethros don’t have ANY medical insurance?

      The repuglycan party is all about greed, hate, and making sure you don’t get any sex.

      Limbaugh should be drowned in the toilet of a bus station men’s room, and their leaders ought to be upped against the wall and SHOT.

      — faye kane homeless brain
      more of my smartass smartmouth at tiny url dot com slash geekswiseup

  15. Jared says:

    I think it is great that you are having Obama on. Even if you have covered the myth before. It does not matter if it was Obama or McCain, what matters is the message. Our schools have been falling behind when it comes to the quality of education our youth are getting. Science is an important part of our youths education.

    It is sad that you let 1 person have that much control over you that you start hating a show because he is on it. What kind of fear mongers have replaced reasonable people???!!!!!

  16. Bre says:

    Seriously people? It’s MythBusters. So what if Pres. Obama is on? The show is about blowing things up (and testing myths, of course). There’s no political agenda. So what if Pres. Obama wants his 5 second plug to promote science education? It’s not like the entire episode is about *him*. And if you’re not going to watch, no one cares.

  17. CSews says:

    My family has been watching mythbusters for years. However, I was dissappointed to hear that you all will be participating with a political person, namely our president. I think it is inappropriate to use a politcal means to spread your show. I have lost much respect for the team with this announcement that Obama will be on mythbusters. I know mythbusters would like more people get involved and interested in science. I am only dissappointed in using the president to try to interest people in it. I think politics should remain out of science. I am not going to watch the show with the president on because I do not think science and politics should be mixed.

    • Faye Kane, homeless brain says:

      > “I think politics should remain out of science.”

      …says the retard who wants schools to teach kids myths, like: the Earth appeared suddenly when a big invisible old man with super-powers used magic.

      — faye kane

  18. Gr8idea says:

    I have a great idea, Myth bust “Is the President a puppet of the first order?” He and his cabinet are clearly economically challenged, Maybe a myth busting on the differences between Keynesian and Austrian economic models and what one is more stable. Maybe a myth busting of how many jobs are lost for every government job gained, and when you find the answer, if government keeps growing at it’s current rate how long will it be before there are no more private sector jobs?

    • Faye Kane, homeless brain says:

      Uhh, the myth that capitalism is stable was busted when the greedy pigs destroyed the economy under Reagan and again under Bush.

      Alan Greenspan, chief capitalist under both of them said that he had been wrong, and that big corporations DO need government regulation.

      Look up “market failure” in Wikipedia.

  19. dom says:

    I don’t think the Mythbusters would revisit a myth unless there were actual questions – even if a President asked them to. I guess we’ll have to watch the show to find out.

  20. #1 fan says:

    this is to Earl wilson. I thing you should never watch the show again because you do not deserve to and if Mythbusters heard what you said they would not be happy. Mabey yoyu should change your name to Ima Stupid

  21. ProudRepublican says:

    So are they going to bust the MYTH of Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE?? I think that’s the mystery America really wants solved, so get to it Mythbusters! Get this impostor out of our White House!

  22. puppet says:

    I am neither Republican nor Democrat and would much rather watch the show without politics entering the arena, however it is a sad sad day in America when people will stop watching a show because our duly elected president will make an appearance. Whether you agree with his politics or not..he is not a murderer, a thief, or Satan reborn as the loons would have you believe. He is just a gifted politician who happen to in the best country at the best time. It’s a testament to our country and out ideals that he is president..don’t let prejudices and politics color our minds to the point of insanity. I feel sorry for some of you and even sorrier for your children.

  23. Adrian Leone Ganado says:

    What surprises me is the fact that the myth they are tackling has already been busted. Would have preferred to see something new. What comes to mind is the fact that in the first pilot Jamie and Adam did not manage to borrow a jato rocket from the military. Now the president it on the show. That speaks quite loudly regarding the success of the show. And for those who are wondering I’m European and I’m not bothered which political party the president heads.

  24. Manning says:

    To the prize idiot above who said “I think politics should remain out of science.”

    Really? Um, so you’d shut down NASA then? You’d prefer that Kennedy had not promoted the space program? You’d oppose funding the defense research facilities?

    Seriously – what an amazingly stupid thing to say. If anything America need more politicians (from both sides) getting behind science.

    • Faye Kane, homeless brain says:

      Yes, he does oppose that spending. He opposes everything except tax cuts for the rich, and everybody else can go to hell. They want to make America like in Soylent Green.

      This guy doesn’t give a damn if anyone else lives or dies, as long as his house has a wall around it and someone keeps him in strawberries.

      — faye kane

  25. Dwayno says:

    I truly hope this thread does not represent the majority of American views, because it demonstrates how your country will fail with continued hate amongst yourselves. Those who threaten lack maturity and control and mistakenly blame others instead of themselves.

    Did you ever notice that when you point you finger at someone else you always have three fingers pointed at yourself?

    Mythbusters is very informative and they continue to teach us new things with each episode.

    Pay attention America, it is what you learn after you know it all that really counts.

    • Faye Kane, homeless brain says:

      ” Did you ever notice that when you point you finger at someone else you always have three fingers pointed at yourself?”


      As usual, Europeans are wise and intellectual, while Americans are angry, stupid, shouting, republican hillbillies.

      I’m so embarrassed of my country that When I was Europe I wore a t-shirt with the Canadian flag.

      — faye kane

  26. Colin says:

    I think MythBusters does a great job making science more popular. In Australia I feel it would be wonderful to see the national leader on such a program – making the point that scientists contribute enormously to the political options of a nation.
    The US position in world politics today would be greatly diminished if scientists had first perfected nuclear weapons in Germany in 1942.

  27. Steve Foerster says:

    As a libertarian, I don’t support Mr. Obama and I don’t consider him to be my leader, but I also realize he’s not the antichrist. I like the show and figure a few more people checked it out because he was on it, so I’ll call that a win.

  28. Lori Alayne Weber Miller says:

    It is not racist to think that President Obama capitalizing on the popularity of mythbusters for a photo-op cheapens the show. I felt the same way about Michelle going on biggest loser.

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