Special 15: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Air Date: June 15, 2011

This special episode presented a countdown of the cast’s favorite myths involving various forms of transportation.

12. Plane Crazy

Myth: Talked Into Landing

Recounted “breaking” a NASA flight simulator.

11. Out of Control

Myth: Instant Convertible

Described trouble with setting up crashes (towing, remote control, etc.)

10. Fuel for Thought

Myth: Don’t Drive Angry

Grant and Tory relived the stress that Kari put them through to test this myth.

9. 2 Wheels … Are better than 4

Myths: Motor Bike Flip, Tablecloth Chaos

Adam and Jamie commented on two motorcycle-related myths.

8. RC Freaks

Myth: Car Skip

Revealed further troubles with remote control systems on cars.

7. Stunt Driving

Myths: Drafting for Money, Knight Rider Ramp, Cyclists Drafting a Big Rig

Exhibited various specialized driving by the cast. Included an unaired segment in which Tory drafts behind a truck while riding a bicycle.

6. Controversy Corner

Myth: Airplane on a Conveyor Belt

This myth has generated the most debate among viewers.

5. Putting it on the Line

Myths: Peeing on the Third Rail (2003), Peeing on the Third Rail (2004)

Told of Adam urinating on camera to help build the original dummy for this myth, then later, on an electric fence.

4. Pimp My Ride

Myth: Reverse Engineering

Highlighted extreme modifications to cars for testing myths.

3. Need for Speed

Myth: Sonic Boom Sound-Off

Revealed how Adam vomited as he broke the sound barrier during a flight with the Blue Angels.

2. Taxi!

Myth: Supersize Jet Taxi

Explained how testing was complicated first by insurance company objections, then by pavement peeling off the runway.

1. Carmageddon

Donated Car Explosion (Adam)
Ramp Jump (Jamie)
Fixing a Car with Duct Tape (Kari)
Snowplow Split (Grant)
Elevator Car Cut (Tory)

Each cast member revealed their favorite myth involving automotive destruction.

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