Special 13: MythBusters Top 25 Moments

Air Date: June 16, 2010

This episode featured a countdown of the favorite myths and moments to date, with comments from the cast.

25. JATO Rocket Car

Myth: Jet Assisted Chevy

This was the first myth tested on MythBusters.

24. Guns & Ammo

Myth: Tree Machine Gun

Demonstrated the frequent use of various firearms on the show.

23. Science is Golden

Myth: Bullets Fired Up

Demonstrated the use of scientific analysis to explore myths.

22. Failure is Always an Option

Myth: Supersize Rocket Car

Demonstrated experiments going wrong in unexpected ways.

21. World Firsts

Myth: Breaking Glass

Demonstrated unprecedented experimental results.

20. Mean Machines

Myth: Steam Powered Machine Gun

Demonstrated massive and intricate builds for testing myths.

19. MythBusters Dress Code

Showed the various safety gear and ridiculous costumes used by the cast.

18. Underwater Car

Myth: Underwater Car

17. Not So Steely Stomachs

Showed cast members getting sick due to gross experiments.

16. Surprise! Surprise!

Myth: Bull in a China Shop

Demonstrated unexpected results from an experiment.

15. Buster: Honorary MythBusters

Myth: Exploding Pants

Showed the trials and tribulations of Buster, the crash test dummy.

14. Duct Tapetastic

Myth: Duct Tape Sailboat

13. Weird & Wonderful

Myth: Vacuum Toilet

Showed the cast members’ most bizarre “what are we doing?” moments.

12. Lunar Lunacy

Myth: NASA Moon Landing

11. Shark Tales

Myth: Playing Dead

10. Flatus Burning

Myth: Igniting a Flatus

This segment had not previously aired on the show.

9. Human Guinea Pigs

Showed cast members taking part in stunts and physical testing.

8. Bring Out the Blimp

Myth: Hindenburg Mystery

7. One Line Wonders

Featured the cast members’ memorable lines and recurring themes.

6. Alcatraz Escape

Myth: Escape from Alcatraz

5. Car Drop

Myth: Racing Gravity

This was the Build Team’s favorite myth.

4. Accidents do Happen

A montage of Adam and Tory’s frequent mishaps on camera.

3. Rocketry in Motion

Myths: Compact Compact Supersized, Snowplow Rocket Replication

Showed the use of a rocket sled in revisiting a pair of myths.

2. Lead Balloon

Myth: Lead Balloon

Adam and Jamie’s favorite myth.

1. Explosive Fan Favorites

Myth: Cement Mix-Up

Showed a collection of favorite explosions, as chosen by fans and cast members.


  1. erick says:

    silver water is antiseptic?
    please guiveme a answer

  2. dave cavallaro says:

    how good are the mythbusters and how about doing a real challenge. show me how that little old man built the CORAL CASTLE in south florida and i’ll be your biggest fan. matter of fact, if you want i’ll meet you there and help you out. i live in upstate new york and i’ve never seen the castle but i’ve read everything i could find about this and i’m pretty knowledgeable but don’t have the resources to figure this one out myself. please let me know if you can or cant figure this one out but i do believe that big brother might stop the show if you teach the world how to demagnetize bolders to make them weightless. i don’t imagine i will ever hear back from you as i believe that you won’t dare touch the “CORAL CASTLE”

  3. terry says:

    When are they going to do a show about 9/11 & controlled demolitions?

    • Matt says:

      Unfortunately, probably never

      • jay says:

        And it’s so easy to do! All they have to do is suspend a cinder block (made of concrete of course) from a helicopter at the height of one of the towers (doesn’t matter which) and drop it to the ground (also obviously made of concrete). If the cinder block turns to fine dust (as opposed to fragments) upon impact (as the towers did), then the official 9/11 theory is plausable. Otherwise, it’s not.

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