Mythbusters To Tackle Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

Published: July 23, 2008

Update: Here are the results from the Mythbusters NASA Moon Landing Episode.

Buzz Aldrin in front of flag Apollo 11

On August 27, 2008, The Discovery Channel will air a new episode of Mythbusters entitled “NASA Moon Landing”. This episode was created to challenge the wild but persistent urban legend that NASA never really landed humans on the moon in the 1960s and 70s.

This special episode was first announced on NASA TV in February of 2008. To film the episode, Adam, Jamie, and the rest of the Mythbusters cast chose to visit the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama. A team of Marshall scientists helped the Mythbusters with several of their tests.

Proponents of the Apollo Moon Landing hoax conspiracy theories insist that NASA and the US Government intentionally deceived the public by fabricating the manned moon landings. Although exact details from the episode are mum, NASA has reported that the Mythbusters’ tests included a feather, a weight, a lunar soil boot print, and a flag in a vacuum.


  1. Rooster Cogburn says:

    I saw the episode busting the moonlanding hoax theories. THANKS! You knew that we had been there but “what in the world” were we to think of a breeze on a flag on the moon? Thank you so very much on behalf of America!

  2. Sikter! says:

    I don’t think conspiracy nuts will be convinced at all. If you could reason with conspiracy theorists, there would be no conspiracy theorists…

  3. lynn says:

    what does nasa have to say? up untill now i have always beleived they landed on the moon, can they explain the flag? but i must say, i love space, and beleive nasa is necesary.

  4. Bill says:

    There is a film from one of the Apollo missions where the flag moves as the astronaut walks by. While there are explanations of why the flag moved (electrostatic charge, some scenes possibly recreated because the film was damaged, etc.) the film DOES exist. On the show the claim was no such film (where the flag moves without being touched) exists, when it does. Also, the Mythbusters went into this with their minds already made up.

  5. Bill says:


    Is anyone who questions what they are told by the TV and mainstream press automatically a conspiracy nut in your eyes? If so I would rather be one than someone who automatically believes what they are told to believe.

  6. Bill says:

    I would also point out that there were unmanned missions that could have left the laser reflecting mirror. My point being that the mirror being there does not mean the astronauts necessarily put it there so this does not technically bust the myth.

  7. Bill says:

    The best evidence comes from the pictures of the satellite in orbit around the moon. I do remember when the landing site photos were released closeups were supposed to be forthcoming (like the closeups of earth based satellites) but we still only have pictures from pretty far away. I also wonder why we could not send a mars type rover up to get real close ups. These rovers are supposed to be pretty cheap to deploy and the archeological and national pride interest should be enough to justify the expense.

  8. Matt says:


    NASA and other space agencies, have clearly moved on to bigger and better things than trying to debunk the debunkers. So I will step in with a quick comment based in logic, and I hope that you can be open-minded to the ideas presented here, and if not research some basics in argumentation.

    1) A little research on anyone’s part will provide much evidence of the moon landing in many areas (rocks, video, pictures, reflectors on the moon, photos of the landing sites, astronaut accounts, designs of all kinds of equipment, etc). You can see many of these items first hand in museums and on the internet. I’m sure that you won’t doubt that there is a mountain of evidence.

    2) However, very little evidence exists of a massive conspiracy that would surely be required to pull off such a stunt. I’m sure that you can point to a few interesting items: shadows in pictures, waving flags, odd cross hairs in photos…etc.

    3) In any case, due to the weight of the majority of evidence, the burden of proof (re: Occam’s Razor) is firmly on the skeptic side to disprove all the NASA information and evidence.

    Good luck, if you choose this path.

  9. jill says:

    The moon landings are for sure real for many reasons.
    one reason is, why would NASA spend millions on all that fuel just to get to the moon for nothing. Studies show that one fuel tank from a shuttle or whatever can fuel up over 100 cars with fuel for over a year.

    second reason is, why would they fake it. NASA is a known organization for space exploration, in fact the biggest, and best. Of course they will want to get to the moon and actually get some facts for real.

    • David says:

      Why would they fake it? because the president at the time made a declaration to make it to the moon and back within the decade. If we fail then america fails. Also we were in a space race with Russia, we were trying to get there before them. now im not completely convinced on either side. but there were plenty of reasons to fake it.

  10. kendall says:

    the moon has gravity people it just doesnt have as strong of pull to the center of the moon. the wind was from the spacecraft it caused the wind when they landed therefore mythbusters is inncorrect

  11. mark says:

    is their stars by the moon becuase theirs no stars in the photos

  12. dhooni says:

    if the wind has came from the space craft than the flag should turn to another side

  13. mike says:

    i dont care either way. completely believe that nasa and the usa are capable of a lie like this, i’m convinced they lie about many things… but pictures of that landing craft look like something out of a b-grade alien movie. And i’ve just noticed in the above picture that everything has a shadow except for the flag pole? i’m sure theres a good explanation though… i’m sure this would all be a bigger deal if usa had found oil on the moon though….

  14. Luke says:

    @Mark – The only star “by” the moon is our own, the Sun. But I think what you really wanted to know is yes you can see the stars from the moon.
    @dhooni – The wind is an attribute of atmosphere. The moon has no atmosphere and so there is nothing for the spacecraft to displace and cause the flag to blow. However due to the decreased gravity you could lift the flag straight then let go of it and it would take considerably longer to drift downward than it would on earth. Plenty of time to take a photograph.

  15. ty says:

    we never landed on the moon for one they goverment doesnt wanna let anyoe know about what is up their people that believe in america and the goverment is the ones thats gonna die with it.

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