Kari Byron – MythBusters

Kari Byron is the only recurring female co-host of MythBusters. She has garnered a tremendous following based on her combination of intelligence, humor, and beauty.

Kari (not Carrie!) was born on December 18, 1974. She studied sculpture and film at San Francisco State University and later spent time backpacking around the world. Art remains an important part of her life and she says that she creates something artistic every day. Kari is also a vegetarian.

On MythBusters, Kari normally works with Tory and Grant as part of the “Build Team”. The members of the Build Team often assist Adam and Jamie with laborious projects and sometimes break off to test myths on their own.

Kari’s popularity has landed her a spot on The Late Show with David Letterman and a feature in FHM magazine. She was named the People’s Choice Sexy Geek of 2006 in a poll conducted by Wired Magazine.

Kari Byron of Mythbusters

Kari MythBusters Byron

  • Born: 1974
  • Birth Place: California, United States
  • First Appearance: Pilot 2
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