Special 19: Jawsome Shark Special

Air Date: August 13, 2012

In this episode Adam and Jamie counted down their 25 favorite shark myths and trivia, some of which had not previously aired.

25. Fighting Back

Myths: Jaws Special, Eye Gouge


Buster, then Jamie, then Adam each had a chance to drive sharks away by punching the snout and trying to gouge the eyes.

24. Super Senses

In addition to possessing acute senses, sharks can detect electromagnetic fields from their prey by using the ampullae of Lorenzini located in their snouts.

23. Chili

Myth: Spicy Salsa Shark Shield


Testing hot peppers as a shark repellent.

22. Magnets

Myth: Animal Magnetism


Magnets proved effective at repelling baby sharks, but not full-grown ones.

21. Dolphins

Myth: Supersize Shark


Myth: The presence of dolphins will deter sharks from attacking prey.

20. Super Strength

Myth: Jaws Special


A diving shark tethered to flotation barrels can pull them underwater and keep them submerged.

19. Super Strength

Myth: Jaws Special


A shark can ram a boat with enough force to punch a hole in its hull.

18. Shark Stop


Myth: Sharks will die of asphyxiation if they do not keep moving at all times. Although some can die in this manner, most cannot.

17. Ancient Relics


Myth: Sharks have existed for 400 million years with no changes in their body structure. Although sharks have existed for that long, their current form emerged roughly 100 million years ago.

16. The Smell of Fear


Myth: Sharks can smell a single drop of blood in a swimming pool. They did not respond to human blood, but did notice a drop of fish blood diluted 1 million times. However, the volume of water in a typical pool would dilute the blood billions of times and make it even harder to detect.

15. Matching Sharks


Myth: All sharks have the same streamlined body shape and carnivorous feeding habits. Adam and Jamie presented facts about shark species that do not fit one or the other of these traits.

14. The Yummy Hum

Myth: Supersize Shark


Myth: A particular sound frequency (40 hertz) strongly attracts sharks.

13. Dog’s Breakfast

Myth: Dog Bait


Building a robotic dog that could swim and release scents to match a real one. A dog owner volunteered to let the cast use his pet, but they decided not to take the risk of having a shark eat it.

12. Flapping Fish

Myth: Fish Flap


Test stopped early for Jamie’s safety (he was in a child’s rubber boat on the ocean, with increasingly aggressive sharks closing in).

11. Untitled

Myth: Jaws Special


Jamie’s first time in a shark cage, testing the myth that it could be damaged or destroyed if a shark hit it at high enough speed.

10. Shark Bite

Various claims about the strength of a shark’s bite. Adam and Jamie built a bite force tester, but could not get any sharks to bite on it.

9. RC Shark


Inspired by the results of #22, Jamie tried to use a system of magnets to control the movements of a baby shark, without success.

8. Sandpaper Shark


Myth: Shark skin can be used in place of sandpaper. The cast was able to use a piece of skin to smooth pieces of wood, first by hand and then with a rotary sander.

7. Black Powder Shark

Myth: Black Powder Shark


A myth inspired by the film Deep Blue Sea.

6. A Knight’s Tale


Myth: Full plate armor can protect a diver against sharks. When Adam put on the armor and dived in, many sharks were attracted to him, possibly drawn by the electromagnetic fields due to the metal.

5. Yum Yum Yellow


Myth: Sharks are attracted to the color yellow. The cast dropped several containers of bait, painted in different colors, and found no difference in the number of sharks drawn to each.

4. Night Dive

Myth: Fatal Flashlight


Comments from the Build Team on having to dive at night

3. Exploding Jaws

Myth: Jaws Special


Myth: A scuba tank will explode with lethal force if shot with a rifle. Although the tank failed to explode, the air pressure caused it to rocket around the test chamber in a way that could injure a shark or drive it away.

2. Play Dead

Myth: Playing Dead


Adam’s favorite shark moment, in which Grant and Tory had to jump into heavily chummed waters

1. Sharks Are Awesome

Adam and Jamie commented on the popular belief that sharks are evil creatures to be avoided at all costs. They pointed out the natural behavior of sharks, the high improbability of being attacked, and the large numbers that are killed every year to make shark fin soup.


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