Episode 158: Green Hornet Special

Air Date: December 15, 2010

Seth Rogen, star of the 2011 film The Green Hornet, appeared on this episode to give the cast two myths concerning the Green Hornet’s car, Black Beauty.

If a car is completely buried with a bulldozer parked on top, it can set off onboard explosives to throw the bulldozer out of the way without injuring the passengers, as long as they shield themselves properly.


Adam and Jamie fitted a car’s front seat backs with armor plating and loaded in 16 pounds of explosives, replicating Black Beauty’s rockets and seats. They then fitted two dummies (representing the Green Hornet and his assistant Kato) with pressure sensors and placed them in the back seat behind the armor. The car was then lowered sideways into a trench and buried, and a bulldozer was placed on top. When the explosives were set off, they created enough of a crater for the bulldozer to sink partway in; however, both the car and the dummies were severely damaged and the sensors were destroyed.

Declaring the movie myth busted at this point, Adam and Jamie turned their focus to making the bulldozer fly. They built two steel models and tried two different explosives – 4 pounds each of TNT (high speed) and ANFO (low speed). The TNT blasted one model to pieces, while the ANFO tore the other apart at the welds and threw the pieces far enough to convince Adam of its usefulness in this respect. For a full-scale test, they buried 250 pounds of ANFO under a bulldozer, with the goal of moving it away without destroying it. The resulting blast ripped the machine apart, left a deep crater, and threw pieces over 500 feet. Adam and Jamie commented that any explosive charge big enough to move the bulldozer would certainly kill the occupants of the buried car.

If a bullet-riddled car drives halfway into an elevator that begins to ascend, the car will be cut in half when the elevator reaches ceiling level, and the front end can be driven out.

busted (first half) / plausible (second half)

Kari converted a car into a Black Beauty replica, and Grant and Tory fired over 200 rounds of submachine gun ammunition into it to replicate the movie car’s condition. The Build Team then constructed a rig to replicate the elevator, using a forklift that could generate 35,000 pounds of lifting force. When they put the car in position and lifted, it got caught and crushed at “ceiling” level without being sliced in half.

The team declared the first half of the myth busted, but Seth revealed that Black Beauty was equipped with a system to split itself in emergencies. Concentrating on the possibility of driving the front half, they cut the rear half off another car. After several adjustments, they were able to get the front started and drive it a short distance until it hit a wall. Seth then said that Black Beauty had a reserve fuel tank under its hood, so the team installed one in their half-car and took it to Petaluma Speedway for one more test. This time, Tory was able to complete 20 laps at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. The team decided that the idea of driving the half-car was plausible, if the driver made the needed extensive modifications ahead of time.


  1. patricia weakley says:

    i’d like to see them challenge the rotating car myth. i’m on a green hornet board and one of the members has the original 66 black beauty. we keep on going around that the car can’t be stored upside down and still run when brought back upright. i’d like to see if it would be possible with the proper engineering.

    • Mech says:

      some what similar to that, although diffrent just same situation, I had a 95 white dodge neon SOHC I had gotten hit in the rear right corner panel and it had totaled my car it wouldn’t pass saftey cuz the frame got tweeked really bad but we decided to have it as our backyard rally car being we lived out in the middle of no-where I ended up flipping it 3 times and it landed on its roof me not caring didn’t flip it back over and went looking for a new car about three weeks later parent got sick of seeing the car and told me to get it to the junkyard so went out with some friends rolled it back over and tryed to start it theres were all kinds of fluids everywhere pretty sure it was drained of all tranny fluid still had pleanty of oil i tryed to get it to start several times but it wouldn’t went to the garage to get some tools when we came back gave it one more try and it turned over started at a very low idle gave it some gas and it lived although there was alot of smoke coming out of the exhaust we even managed to drive it 30 miles on the back roads to the yard

      • kish says:

        very long ?what does it have to do with mythbusers

        • Gregory says:

          Kelly October 4, 2012 Mom,First I almost wrote in the post, Wow, my porch alluatcy looks pretty good in these photos! .so funny that you noticed too.Second the new girl is Victoria. She lives on the other side of the neighborhood and her Mom told her you need to hang out with that Pastor’s daughter . And on Saturday she showed up with Kyla and pretty much never left until Sunday night. She came to church with us and ate 4 meals with us. She gave X an thank you card on Monday.She’s a good girl. We like her.

      • Mireya says:

        My daughter came home from a fdniers and told me they made pumpkin spice cookies and listened to Christmas Music. That thought, mixed with looking at your pictures is getting me all warm and cozy and ready for some Christmas Cheer. After some Thanksgiving Turkey of course. ;) Looks like an AMAZING store Tina.

  2. mythbuster says:

    i still wanna see what happens to my sock in the laundry

  3. Evan says:

    so theyve resorted to plugging?

  4. bill says:

    i’m surprised at you adam and jamie. you said to make the cut in half car that one would need to repair/fix the brakes. any modern car comes with a tandem master cylinder which splits the front and rear systems, just to preclude such an event.

  5. Eddie Bigheddy says:

    I want to know why those morons kept referring to a front end loader as a bulldozer. There was even a real bulldozer on the site (with tracks and a blade) but insisted on calling the front end loader (payloader or even just loader) a bulldozer! Busted!!

    • Chulho says:

      Lovely – the driftwood firuegs, the woodland trees, and the white stuff, of course! What if you got a skinny fake tree from Hobby Lobby, and put it in one of your large urns inside? That could look great…-Revi

  6. Pithecanthropus says:

    I just hated that it was a big, fat commercial for the movie, despite the cool explosions and the half-a-car.

  7. John says:

    Would it be possible to use shape charges instead of just brick of explosives to making the bulldozer move?

  8. Landon says:

    i want to know if it’s true that if you put sugar (at least a whole box)in the engine of any ordinary car, not only would it stop working, but it would cause a sudden explosion

  9. kish says:

    i want to know if an iron can go through a shirt and the iron board and burn the house

  10. moo says:

    If your new to watching them, they are special effects ppl. alot of their episodes are from movie effects.

  11. Landon says:

    similar to the 500 people holding a mirror myth, i heard that a scientist who wanted to study the power of fusion energy, created a small room fitted with shards of mirror so that no two mirrors would be parralel to eah other, and a small hole to fire the laser, the laser used was an ordinary pointer, a few seconds later, the heat and energy exerted by the passing mulitiple laser beams caused the room to explode

    • Xenobio says:

      The total amount of energy a laser pointer could EVER put out is the amount of energy in the battery, usually an AAA or 4 “button” cells. There is absolutely no way either could make a room explode, think about it. You can’t get extra energy magically coming out of nowhere just because it’s a laser. If you watch Mythbusters surely they must have covered the basic laws of physics at some point.

  12. Biblins says:

    What a stupid episode, trying to apply science to a fantasy character. Mythbusters it’s time to call it a day but, hey, thanks for some great memories chaps.

    • JeremyZ says:

      Ummm they’re called “Movie Myths” for a reason…

  13. Alterburner says:

    @Xenobio -Do you even know the many ways to use a mirror?
    One of them is “DUPLICATING” an image, and in case of a non-parallel mirror system, it would multiply the first(or continuous) laser line into amplified and multiple laser beams, amplified enough to heat a room. Maybe not enough to make it explode, but certainly more than enough to make a thermometer reach 100º+ CELSIUS placed in the middle of that same room.

  14. Alterburner says:

    A really good way to test the “Multiple Laser burning room theory” is to apply it by creating a “perfect PI” sphered mirror inside and the tiniest hole possible to point the laser beam in a non paralleled angle to the beam, and then measure the heat produced inside of said sphere.

  15. idowa says:

    I couldn’t watch the Green Hornet episode; they destroyed those beautiful old Chryslers for no reason… I’m a classic car rights activist. LOL.

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