Episode 103: Exploding Steak

Air Date: August 6, 2008

A beef steak can be tenderized … with explosives.


This user-submitted myth was tested by submerging vacuum-sealed steaks in a barrel of water, then detonating explosives inside the barrels. The water was intended to transmit the shockwave from the explosion to the meat. Adam and Jamie joined a professional chef in a taste test to judge the tenderness of these steaks compared to others, but the results were unclear, so they developed a more objective test. Several new steaks were cut in half, with one half being exposed to the explosion and the other half used as a control. The tenderness of these steaks was measured using a pressure-sensitive cutting device built following recommendations from the USDA. The steaks which underwent the explosion were significantly more tender.

A beef steak can be tenderized … by shooting it from a cannon.


In this experiment steaks were wrapped in Kevlar to keep them whole and then launched from a pneumatic cannon into a steal plate. Their tenderness was then tested using the same method used in the steak explosion experiment, and the experimental steaks were significantly more tender than the control steaks.

A beef steak can be tenderized … in a laundry dryer.


In this experiment steaks were wrapped in a protective shell and then placed inside a laundry dryer along with several steel ball bearings. Dry ice was used to help keep the steaks cool overnight in the running dryer. Their tenderness was then tested using the same method used in the steak explosion experiment, and the experimental steaks were significantly more tender than the control steaks..

A driver will use more fuel when angry than when relaxed.


To test this myth Tory and Grant each drove around a test course twice in the same car, once after being relaxed and once after being angered. Their fuel consumption was measured each time be calculating the weight loss of an external fuel tank. Before their first run, Tory and Grant were exposed to puppies, sweet deserts, and a gentle massage. Before their second run, each was forced to stand in one spot under the sun, drink caffeinated beverages, and forbidden to use the bathroom. Kari also told them she put a laxative in their drinks, but it was really just a vitamin. Kari also put rats, sticky substances, uncomfortable seat cushions, and stink bombs inside the car to agitate them. Both Tory and Grant used substantially more fuel (up to 50%) when they were distressed.


  1. Mister.44 says:

    Where was the ‘Don’t Drive Angry’ part filmed?

  2. Mike says:

    yeah i’d like to know where that was filmed too, i heard it said during the episode but i dont have a DVR

  3. Tom Donahue says:

    It’s filmed at the abandoned military base “Fort Ord” in Marina, California. Where they drove, anyone can reach, I used to ride my bike, and drive around that place when I was younger.

  4. Tasha says:

    I just wanted you to know I love all the shows and I wanted you to know I actually use some of your “Myths” in my drivers education classes. My kids have usually seen the shows and it is an interesting way to get the kids into the science behind the classes I have to teach. How can I purchase the different seasons? I want to use them in my classes as a teaching tool. Help me out with the question I had. Thanks a lot!!

  5. adam andrew ong says:

    how about a myth about falling magnetized needles will always point to the magnetic north

  6. Jeff says:

    It’s often said that when you encounter a dangerous wild animal (bear, cougar) that you should make yourself appear as large as possible, throw rocks, make noise. Others say curl up and play dead. Which is more effective?

  7. Don says:

    Ron Seagle is *NOT* the only American chef to win the Japanese program Iron Chef… Bobby Flay also won one… nothing to do with the myth, but still not accurate.

  8. shannon says:

    Don. They probably filmed this several months ago.

  9. Blu says:

    seen pretty much all episode but thay have got to get the “64” impala to become airborne. very disappointed. need to hire a better rocket guy.

  10. Rob says:

    Does any one know whats up with the new season Discovery keeps advertising episodes and then show a rerun? last week it was supposed to be the viral video show and instead a rerun. just wondering

  11. rob says:

    i have sn idea about the show can lighting strike in a telephone or in the shower

  12. pete says:

    I found the location and drove around, it is less than 2 miles from my house. if anyone is curious it is off Imjin Parkway that can be reached from HWY 1 just south of Marinas

  13. ZippyDPinhead says:

    Could anyone interpret the results of the tenderizing test when they used the celebrity chef? I wonder if the left it deliberately unclear so they didn’t embarrass the chef. Maybe he didn’t do nearly as well as the Vodka expert?

  14. jokke says:

    An unboild chicken egg is explosive in a micro wave oven also. confirmed. Try it!

  15. Bort says:

    In the black powder harpoon battery shark killer episode. Tory made a shark out of foam. But he made the tail of the shark that of a whale. It’s not up and down but it goes flat like a whale you would think having a show on discovery channel and a while week dedicated to sharks. Someone could tell Tory he made a huge mistake

  16. Steve says:

    Where is the mid-twentienth century ghost town that Grant, Torry & Karry did their experiments? Is it still there?

  17. Drew says:

    What happened to Jaymie’s forehead in this episode? Looks like he cut himself.

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