Episode 98: James Bond Special 2

Air Date: February 6, 2008

A ballpoint pen bomb can be used to completely destroy the top of a mannequin.


Using the most powerful explosives they could and a normal sized pen, the Mythbusters demonstrated that a pen bomb could be fatal. However, they needed an unrealistically large pen to completely destroy the top half of the foam dummy they used.

A metal-brimmed bowler hat can be thrown hard enough to knock the head off of a stone statue.


The Build Team made two duplicates of the hat worn by the character Oddjob. They also designed a hat-throwing robot and acquired a few statues as test targets. The bonded marble statue they first tested was decapitated by the robot, but as it wasn’t actually solid stone it wasn’t considered a valid test. Next, they tested a concrete statue on the premise that it would be a good match for the hardness of natural stone. It was chipped several times but not badly damaged.

A person can use a set of metal teeth to bite through a cable car’s cable.


Adam and Jamie created two versions of the teeth shown in the movie, but neither was able to cut through the one inch cable they used. Not even 10 tons worth of force applied from the teeth was able sever the cable. In order to replicate the results seen in the film, Jamie had to use a hydraulic cutter to cut the cable.


  1. Zfan122 says:

    Hey all, I just watched Casino Royal a few nights ago. And BUSTED! You guys need to pay more attention when doing your research, he doesn’t just shoot that propane tank anywhere like you guys did. He shot it right at the release valve! Try THAT, then we’ll talk about busted. If you don’t believe me view that sene again and press pause immediately when the gas tank shows up, The bullet flies right through the hole in the ring around the top.

  2. Zfan122 says:

    And when you think about it at twenty feet, a person trained to do THAT kind of stuff could obviously shoot that acurately. (even it it IS a fictional character.)

  3. archerbob says:

    well, you failed me miserably, the archery test with the pointed stick vs. the flint arrowhead.
    1. the accuracy on both sucked because the bow had too much thrust for those wooden arrows, you could see the shafts flexing from the thrust! stupid’s!
    2. if you shoot an animal with a pointy stick, unless you pierce the heart perfectly, six months later there will be an animal running around with a sick sticking out of it! the flesh and skin will be tight around the shaft and the animal will never die!
    2a. the slice that the flint tip leaves will allow blood to leak out around the shaft and it will eventually die.

    Next time i suggest that you get an archer involved!

  4. Wolf. says:

    Guys! Take it easy on the Mythbusters! They only have one week to do all that! I think they’re doing it good enough. ¬_¬
    Good job, mythbusters!

  5. David says:

    I know, if you think you can do it better shutup and do it yourself.

  6. The009 says:

    archerbob: You really don’t know crap about wooden arrows do you? Every wooden arow caught on high speed camera flexes in the same way. The only arrows that do not are ones made from fiber or metal.

  7. David says:

    ALL arrows flex when loosed – and the flexing measurement is called the spine rating! That applies even to metal and fibre compound shafts.
    The ‘pointy stick’ arrows … the hunters who traditionally used them would track the wounded animal which, having been weakened and leaving a more easily tracked spoor, could then be despatched at close quarters. Usually the points of the arrows were fire-hardened and often had the tips poisoned.
    I think the Mythbusters do a great investigative job especially within the time constraints.

  8. Kyle says:

    Zfan: James Bonds Pistol Didn’t Even Pierce The Tank, Then Release Valve Would Be Made From The Same Metal.

  9. bob says:

    The valves on the tanks are brass/bronze and would easily split from a gun shot.

  10. bob says:

    Ball point pen bomb.?? They obviously haven’t heard of the latest complex explosives like nitrocubanes, energetic polymers, a match head size piece can blow off your hand.?

  11. Adam says:

    Can you smash a home with a train.

  12. Kirsty-10yrs old says:

    Take it easy on the Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie do a fab job!! I love them!!!! They’ve taught me loads!!!

  13. Ian says:

    Hi Im 10 years old and I wanted to know if you sneeze with your eyes open will they fall out???? Do your eyes automatically shut when you sneeze????

  14. JoNo says:

    Hi, I’m a big fan and all, but you now the myth about the phantom shooting a grapple from a cannon, the rope would’nt quite wrap around the thick pole, you use all sorts of rope some even broke. I was thinking it may work if you use a chain.

  15. elanor says:

    hi im elanor i dont get to see the show that much but i did see the 1 when buster was sent off a crane with a hammer, i was telling my mum that you can poor dish washing detergent in to the water as you fall. because the cemical reaction makes the water tenshion weeken, then the fall will be a bit softer. maby you can try it with buster.

    and i will have to agree with jono about the chain. good i diea jono!

  16. Gianluca says:

    Hi jamie,Adam,Grant and tory.My name is Gianluca and I live sydney Australia and I think you guys rock and that you should come to sydney because many of my frieds like you very much and to do the myth of shootimg someone out of a cannon. My favourite myth was when you concentrated 1000s of mirrors on the boat.

  17. Yeti says:

    You guys should blow more stuff up!!. Like the truck with the gun powder in it,WOW that was cool!!. You guys are doing a great job. What happens When you run out of myths???

  18. Tom says:

    Hang on. The metal hat took the head off a statue! OK one made of ‘bonded marble’, but presumably looking like stone. And there are lots of types of stone, some weaker than concrete. So ‘Busted’ is way off the mark – I’d say Confirmed! Not the first type mythbusters have done a good demonstration but given it totally the wrong rating :[email protected]

  19. caleb says:

    If the pen was full of nitro glicerean, it would have blown up the whole man.

  20. caleb says:

    if your wondering what nitro glicerean is, then watch the second Zorro movie

  21. starscream says:

    A joke.The villain must brush his metal teeth for the whole day to make sure he can bite through cables car cable

  22. muscian phils.edison.com says:

    we love mythbusters .actually,this episode was very interesting but quite unbeleivable ,still we believe because we love it.

  23. ferdy tomas says:

    i want to have some exploding pen so i could use it to kill,bugs.hahaha

  24. caleb says:

    Even though the pistol didn’t pierce the tank, if it had been filled with gas it would have exploded.

  25. rosenaa says:

    A metal-brimmed bowler hat can be thrown hard enough to knock the head off of a stone statue.


    In Denmark we have some plaster (gibs) special made for Garden Gnomes.. its harder tha normel plaster AND can stand in outdoor weather…
    You can get it in standard toyshops…

    The figur of plaster, so fast dismist, could bee hard enough, made of this ( sten gips ) “stone plaster”….

  26. Curious about adams gun says:

    Adam, when you did the james bond speical 2, where did you get the gun that you had when you were dressed up as Goldfingers

    • Kevin says:

      That would be “The Samaritan”, from Hellboy.

  27. Joe says:

    That scene where they use a hydraulic press to try to force metal jaws through a cable wasnt that funny. I’ve seen push bars like that one snap and do lots of damage….and he had his face right in front of it.

  28. bradley says:

    Watch the show occasionally doin good job some things u guy do & u bust on a lot of them I see differnt angles that I believe would acctually make it possible for it to acc

  29. bradley says:

    Watch the show occasionally doin good job some things u guy do & u bust on a lot of them I see differnt angles that I believe would acctually make it possible for it to work. Ie the jaws that cut the cable in the movie if u look close his teeth r more like a shark withch would acctually ccut through a cable at far less then 20,000psi where as with the blunt teeth it would be a crimping action not unlike the greenlee cable crimping tool! Whoever is doing research must occasionaly forget to put on there glasses to miss important details such as that, I’ve seen it on several eppisodes. 1 last thing ya gota feal 4 the bald guy I think he really knows what time it is but he’s surounded by knuckelheads & sometimes descreatly he shows it!

  30. Bill says:

    Exploding pen-wrong objective- Why does the dummy have to be blown in two to confirm the myth? You said yourselves the blast would be lethal, and I don’t think Mr.Bond would care very much about how intact his enemy is, a dead supervillain is a good supervillain.

  31. hunter says:

    exploding pen is sooooo cool if you make or buy stuff like that levatron i looked on google and found it and it is $38.89 i am getting it i was just wondering how you build the pen i am whatching the show right now they are doing the killer hatand one of the statches are naked .

  32. Larry says:

    I noticed in the James Bond 2 episode Adam had some scars on his fore head and cheek in some scenes and not in others. Did some kind of an accident injury happen during the filming of this episode?

    • Court says:

      I would assume the scaring was actually a makeup job, since they were doing cheesy James Bond-esque scenes in the intro to the myths! I did notice, however, Jamie had some scaring on his face, most noticeably above his right eye.

  33. Anonymous says:

    The James Bond Rock is really one of the best scenary in James Bond Movies. But when I was there to see it two years ago it was really boring. The rock is tinny in comparison to the movie and it was a rainy day.

  34. Jeff Birks says:

    If the pen had about 1 gramme of antimatter as an explosive the net yeild would be around 43 kilotons of TNT – that should do the job ;)

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