Episode 85: Red Rag to a Bull

Air Date: August 22, 2007

The color red can infuriate a bull and make them charge.


To test this myth without putting themselves in danger, the Build Team constructed three fake matadors that would carry differently colored flags. First, they placed stationary flags of different colors near a bull. The bull charged the red, white, and blue flags with equal ferocity, even when all three flags were out at once. Using a remote controlled clothes line, the Build Team managed to prove that the bulls were angered by movement rather than color. They then placed the matador dummies in the ring, each one dressed in a different color. The bull charged the white dummy first, the blue dummy second, and the red dummy last. Finally, Tory went into the ring dressed in a red jumpsuit and had to stay still while two professional cowboys moved around the the ring to try and draw the bull’s attention. The bull chased the cowboys for a short time, but ignored Tory, which proved the theory that bulls concentrated on movement more than color. Also, there is no scientific proof that bulls are angered by the color red.

A bull can completely destroy shelves full of china.


The Build Team placed shelves full of china inside a bull pen and released bulls inside it. Surprisingly, the bulls actively avoided the shelves, even when there were multiple bulls inside the pen at the same time. A single shelf was knocked over by accident by the first bull released in the pen, and a few dishes were knocked to the ground when as many as four bulls were running around, but overall the bulls proved surprisingly nimble.

An oven door can stop bullets.


The oven door failed to stop .38 caliber rounds, .357 magnum rounds, and shotgun shells. The only exception was that the .22 caliber pistol rounds were unable to pierce the steel part of the oven door.

Bullets can explode with lethal force if they are stored inside a hot oven.


The Mythbusters placed a .22 caliber, .44 caliber, and .50 caliber bullet inside an oven. All of the bullets exploded once the oven was hot enough, but none of them were able to penetrate the oven. Without a gun barrel to contain and direct the propellant gases, the bullets did not develop enough speed to pierce the glass or steel portions of the oven. The shell casings actually caused more damage than the bullets.

A gun can fire a bullet with lethal force if stored inside a hot oven.


The Mythbusters placed a loaded .38 caliber revolver inside a hot oven pointing towards the oven door. Once the temperature was high enough, the gun automatically discharged and sent the bullet out of the oven, which could potentially kill anybody who happened to be standing in front of the oven.

Bullets thrown into an open fire can explode with lethal force.


The Mythbusters dropped a box of bullets with varying calibers directly into an open fire. While many of the bullets immediately discharged,, it appeared that none of the bullets could be lethal. Like the oven test, most of the damage was being dealt by the shell casings, which could not travel fast enough to be lethal.

Aerosol cans placed in an open fire can explode with lethal force.


While the aerosol cans exploded rather violently, the worst damage they could do was cause some minor burns.

A beer keg can explode with lethal force if placed in an open fire.


While the beer keg exploded violently, there was no shrapnel from the explosion. However, the Mythbusters pointed out that any shrapnel thrown from such a powerful blast could kill a person.


  1. Vykky says:

    I think you’re show is really good and educational. I have a myth that I’d like to bust. I went to Paris a few years ago and I heard that if you drop a coin from the top of the eiffel tower it could kill a person at the ground. Fact or fiction?

  2. Paul says:

    I think the guys did that already – http://mythbustersresults.com/episode4


  3. Nick Hollingsworth says:

    RE Bull in a china shop:

    My workmate Max suggested that the bulls might be much more agitated if they couldn’t see outside i.e. if they were actually in a building.

    Maybe a tent over the bull pen or some such would simulate this.

  4. Cynthia W. says:

    I’ve been transplanted to “the south”, and if I follow the logic of “southern” gun owners, it would make more sense to put a loaded gun in the refrigerator NEXT TO THE BEER….

    • MSpears says:

      I’m a “southern” gun owner. Except for the 9mm that I keep in my nightstand just in case of a burglar, all MY guns are kept in a closet, with the ammo in an entirely different closet. (All my kids have grown up and moved away, so I don’t feel any need to have a gun locker.)

      Don’t tar us all with the same brush, please. ;-)

  5. Jeff Corbett says:

    Hi, I would like the results of the switiching on/off lights episode – usage of electricity. My family needs to seeit to believe it

  6. owen says:

    it is not any color that bulls get attracted to but actually movement so none of the matador’s stupid outfit helps he just enjoys dressing up ! :)

  7. Karen Gillespie says:

    Does driving w/the air conditioner on cause you to burn more gasoline?

  8. Chris says:

    Why are people asking about past episodes here? Look it up! Its on this site! Jeff, the results said that unless you were leaving the room for less than a second, or maybe had a couple hundred fluorescent fixtures it saves a lot more money to turn them off. Karen, windows down is better at around 30 miles an hour(city) while at 60(highway/freeway) air conditioning is better.

  9. Howard Leibrand says:

    I am an ER physician. I once treated a patient who was burning brush and some garbage in his backyard. At about the time a car drove by he heard what sounded like a gunshot. He felt pain in his mid-chest and had blood on his shirt front. He thought it was a drive-by shooting. But, to make a long story short…The firing cap from an unused empty shotgun shell in the garbage had ignited, gone ballistic,penetrated his shirt & skin and lodged against his sternum. Not lethal, but not safe, either. What if he been hit in the eye (as my Mom would have said)?

  10. jody chelios "Archimedes quite plausable" says:

    This myth still buggs me, like all battles until the captain says charge all of the boats would have been in a fixed position, nobody would sail into unexamined shores unless the battle is well under way. Also a catalyst simply has to be considered in the ignition of these boats, ground magnesium,gunpowder whatever was available at the time or a magnifying glass of forms strateglically placed in front of the boat to help in quick ignition from the reflection from the death ray placed there by some form of special troops or whatever the term at the time. I find it hard to believe that such a ray would be constructed for nothing. These people are not stupid, and I cannot swallow the possibility of a one dementional trap, because unless you are snaring a rabbit they suck.

  11. Mike says:

    If bulls only go for movement and not color why did a bull at the MN state fair that got loose stop chasing the people around it that were running and instead go for a red non-moving fire hydrant?

  12. Kev says:

    I’ve never actually seen the show, but there is some very interesting content on this page.I think bulls see in monochrome & have never known colour to have the slightest effect on cattle. Regarding the bullets detonated by heat I can remember, all-be-it vaguely, a case in the UK some years ago, of a child being hit in the head & killed by a .22 bullet that had been in some logs put on a coal fire. My pet theory or rather question concerns the manner by which a stooping peregrine falcon recorded at speeds of over 180 mph, surpassing terminal velocity, strikes it’s prey? Ie whether it connects using the hind toe or the whole foot?

    • MSpears says:

      Actually, like most mammals, the bulls are Dichromatic, meaning that they only have two channels for color instead of three. I hesitate to connect them to dogs or cats, who are not herbivores, but if they follow the same pattern, they can probably distinguish between colors at opposite ends of the spectrum (like reds and blues) but bomb at the ones in the middle, confusing greenish-yellow, orange, and red, for example. In humans, this form of color blindness would be called deuteranopia… basically, they lack the green receptor.

      (Humans are trichromatic unless they have some form of color blindness: We have separate channels for red, green, and blue light. Birds and most insects are tetrachromatic, meaning that they also have a channel for ultraviolet, and pigeons and butterflies may actually be pentachromatic, with five different color channels.)

      As for the bullets detonated by heat, the Mythbusters DID say that putting bullets on a fire can be dangerous, but I agree that they should have also pointed out that just because they didn’t observe any lethal damage, it could still happen.

  13. billy says:

    i love this episode…its so cool

  14. David Speight says:

    Cutting a sword blade with a sword blade. The reason this was buster is to cut a blade with a blade you hit the cutting edge against cutting edge and not against the flat side of a blade.


  15. Noone says:

    If someone picks their nose while in traffic, gets hit from behind, careers into the car in front and the airbag goes off. Can their finger be forced into their brain? Is it not only disgusting but dangerous?

  16. Gary says:

    Some friends threw about 1/2 doz 30.06 shells into a raging fire, we all scrambled behind trees. They went off like a small firecracker, nothing more.

  17. Steph says:

    I heard that if you throw canned food into a bonfire they explode.

  18. wes baker says:

    when you jumped the car and it landed nose down,it was because the weight was uneven.If you were to put the same amount of weight as the engine in the trunk or even more weight the car would land more level.you’ll see

  19. Angie says:

    Is the myth about american appliances true? Do they really not work in Germany?This has really puzzled me!

    • MSpears says:

      It’s true, Angie.

      In America, a normal electrical outlet operates at 120 volts, at a frequency of 60 Hertz. The European standard is 230 volts, at a frequency of 50 Hertz.

      Some electrical devices (like the power supply in most desktop computers) are switchable, meaning that all you have to do is flip a switch to convert them from 120/60 to 230/50. Most electronics are deliberately designed to work at slightly higher or lower voltages, because of fluctuations caused by things like high demand during peak hours, so something designed for 220 volts will probably work from 210-240 volts.

      Most other devices will need an inexpensive converter to operate properly; for example, the LiteFuze WP-102U, which is an all-in-one universal power plug adapter that costs less than $10.

      Even when the voltage is similar, an electrical device designed for 60 Hertz (like an alarm clock or tape recorder) will not work on 50 Hertz current. So if I took my alarm clock to Barbados, which uses 115 Volts at 50 Hertz, the voltage won’t fry my alarm clock, but it still might not work. And even if it did work, 50 Hertz is slower than 60 Hertz, so it would lose about 10 minutes for every hour… which is why I always take an old-fashioned wind-up alarm clock with me on overseas trips!

  20. Angie Sharpe says:

    This myth about american appliances not working in Germany.Can anyone help me with this one.It has been bugging me like crazy!

  21. Tom says:

    Regarding the exploding beer keg, a fatal accident resulting from a beer keg exploding (BLEVE) did occur in/about 1996-1997, in Lake Ronkonkoma County Park, LI NY. The fatality resulted from fragmentation, and caused quite severe trauma to the victim (a teenage male).

  22. cody says:

    does anyone know what glasses Jamie Hyneman is wearing in the open fire segments of this episode?
    someone named Ethan already asked because Jamie wears them in the snow special too. they are a nice looking pair of glacial-style glasses, with side shields.
    thanks for any help.

  23. Damon says:

    I think they should have gotten the Chicago Bulls to play basketball in the china shop.

  24. Mr. COP says:

    O.K. I forgot what temp. those guns in the oven fired at… I wonder if a vehicle left in the hot sun would get hot enough to fire off a shotgun or a handgun. I know I cary a shotgun in my police cruiser… i wonder if its possible to misfire?

  25. Tony Perlick says:

    I herd that its impossible to spin both of your arms in opposite directions. Is it?

    • Jim says:

      its simpler to try it yourself

    • MSpears says:

      Not impossible. I can do it. But there’s something that most people CAN’T do, that you can try at home:

      Stick out your leg (right or left, it doesn’t matter) and try to move your foot in a clockwise direction.

      Now, stick out the arm on the same side (so if you’re doing this with your right leg, use your right arm) and try to move your hand in a counter-clockwise direction.

      Watch your foot… it’ll (probably) start moving counter-clockwise too. I’ve known only one person who could move a hand and a foot on the same side of the body in opposite directions, and even then he had to concentrate to do it.

  26. joao victor says:

    I think you’re show is really good and educational. I have a myth that I’d like to bust. I went to Paris a few years ago and I heard that if you drop a coin from the top of the eiffel tower it could kill a person at the ground. Fact or fiction?

    • MSpears says:

      Busted already. The coin doesn’t have enough mass to do more than maybe cause a bruise.

  27. I got a good one for you says:

    I’ve heard that there was a plumber one time that couldn’t get a clog out of a elbow joint from a sink.So her removed it and place the elbow in a vice,stepped back 10 feet and fired a gun into the bottom end of the joint.The bullet entered one end came out the other,striking said plumber in the head killing him.Could this be true.

    • MSpears says:

      Highly unlikely. I don’t think the thin copper used in sink lines is tough enough to cause the bullet to “curve”; the bullet would just punch through. And I *know* that PVC pipe isn’t tough enough.

  28. zack says:

    i wish there were more new episodes cuz i love this show!

  29. Mike says:

    I read you were coming to do a show in my state of Washington. I think it is at Hanford. When will you be coming here to do this show? Would it be possible to watch this or meet you guys or something?

  30. Melissa Prihoda says:

    I heard the that if you drink alcohol beverage from a straw you get drunk faster.

    Note: It depends on the person and what alcohol drink. (I believe)???

  31. John Frontera says:

    Regarding bullets stores in an oven that later gets turned and the bullets are not lethal, you never really tested the myth. You only placed a single bullet in an oven. That is not “Bullets”. Safety would be a concern, but anyone who stores bullets stores them all together.

    My thoughts are that once the first few went off, causing many of the others to be scatterred throughout the interior of the oven floor, the hot surface would cause many to explode at once. This along may be enough to blow the door ajar allowing shrapnel to escape. Now a child struck in the throat, eye, open month could receive a lethal wound. To point, only a big dork would consider storing ammo in oven. Maybe Adam. (Jamie told me to say that!)

  32. David says:

    Does leaving a car/vehicle battery on a cement floor drain/kill the battery? Heard rumor of it but I cannot figure out why, if this is the case. Any help?

    • MSpears says:

      It’s true, BUT not in a few hours. It still takes a few months to drain the battery. Also, it has more to do with temperature differences, not that it’s sitting on cement.

      A concrete floor is usually a little cooler than the surrounding air. This causes the bottom of the battery to be cooler than the top. When this happens, the electrolyte (acid solution) becomes a little more concentrated at the bottom causing a slight voltage difference between the top and bottom of each cell. This voltage difference produces a small eddy current within the cell, slowly discharging it. That is why on large battery installations, such as on the old diesel-electric submarines, air is bubbled through the electrolyte to keep it at a constant temperature and concentration.

      If you’re going to store a battery on a concrete floor, it’s good practice to place it on a piece of cardboard or scrap of carpeting to thermally insulate it from the floor. It will still slowly discharge, as all lead-acid batteries do, but at a slower rate.

      • Roger K says:

        A battery will discharge reguardless if on concrete or on shelf. Batteries that sit in cars for too long without starting and allowing alternator to recharge go dead as well, especially in too hot or too cold temperatures (snow, heatwave, ect.). Batteries sitting on room temperature concrete will have the same effects as a battery sitting on a wood or steel shelf both at room temperature.

  33. BRANDON says:


    • MSpears says:

      It’s more dangerous through the side window. The windshield is laminated safety glass, and is far less likely to be penetrated.

  34. Eric says:

    I am sitting here at present with schapnel in my wrist from a shell that exploded outside a firering this weekend. It hit my wrist and traveled up my arm. If you think it can’t happen, I have the x-rays and medical reports to show differently. I am not sure at this point if it is part of the casing or bullet and can’t tell from the x-rays, only that it has an irregular shape. I am sure in another part of the body it would have caused more substantial damage.

  35. Mildred Baker says:

    lighters do explode in the dryer because i had one do it to me i was drying my closes and i heard a pop and when i went to take my close out the ligher was in pieces

  36. MEL says:

    Our household loves your show we all look forward to monday night!!!!

  37. philip knight says:

    i hav heard the myth that if you are intoxicated that if u drink a bottle of soya sauce that it cant be detected by a breatherliser test

  38. cody says:

    more bullets need to be put in the oven to prove the myth busted u guys were only puting in one a a time!!!!

  39. george says:

    I don’t know about lethal force but I HAD a friend who got her finger blown off when she put a 22 bullet in a fire barrel and then reached in to retrieve it when it didn’t explode fast enough!!!

  40. Gene.K says:

    So I guess we should stop using the phrase “Bull in a China shop.”

  41. Daniel says:

    About American appliances not working in Germany. It is not a myth, it is a fact. Appliances in the US use 120V, while in Germany they use 220V. They would simply burn out.

    • MSpears says:

      It’s 230V now… the European Union standard.

  42. Roger (Qld, Australia) says:

    Unfortunately, the bull-in-a-china-shop myth was not really tested, since the test done was not in a shop but in a yard that the bull was more familiar with.

    Try putting a bull in an actual shop (way out of its usual environment) where the space is surrounded by 4 walls, the shelves are closer together and the bull enters a state of panic whilst trying to find a way of escape from the shop. A different result to that found on the show would result.
    On the mythbusters show, the beasts were the ones not wanting to willfully and wantonly smash stuff just for the hell of it and in this regard they seemed to display more intelligence than the people!!!.

  43. John says:

    Bullets in a fire.
    I lived in Brittany, France where many UK people bought old barns and farm houses to convert into summer homes, some friends of mine had bought an old barn and they were cleaning out the straw and other unwanted material from the floor, they built a fire and threw the straw etc. onto the fire, there were some explosions and a bullet came out of the fire and passed through my friends neck, he was extreamly fortunate that it hit nothing vital, the bullets were probably left over from French resistance fighters during WW2, so I am sorry Jamie and Adam but you might have to try again. MYTH NOT BUSTED

    • Robert Jennings says:

      It may have been a black powder round not a modern round this would make a difference modern ammunition does not act the same as black powder did

  44. De Wet says:

    Good day Myth Buster team great show

    On the bullet myth episode 85, when storing bullets you actually want to hide it from a possible thief, you will not store bullets in front of an oven door window, you will store it out of sight, in its case against the walls of the oven or at the BACK out of sight.

    That will provide the possibility to redirect the energy in one direction. Thus double the power of the bullet to go through the door.

    Thanks from SA

  45. Woodchuck says:

    I was at my camp & threw an empty spray paint can into a very hot campfire. I stood back 30-40 feet, expecting it to explode. I heard a loud bang, but the can didn’t explode. Instead the end of the can blew off & the can shot out like a missle(but I didn’t know that yet). About 10 seconds later the paint can fell through the trees & hit my camper, that was about 150 feet away.(it was airborn all this time) I do not know the velocity it achieved, but if it had hit someone, it could have caused a serious injury.

  46. Fahry says:

    Hey MythBusters, I have 1 myth for you guys, It comes from cartoons. A guy was riding on 1 of those Bull toy things at
    The Bar. The HE suddenly lost His grip, and fly of the window. I would like to know if that is possible.
    and one thing. If you are doing a myth, that comes from a history. Like say when Grant,Kery and tory did the tight Jeans myth. They say it’s busted but how come iit Happened to a boy?
    From Fahry!!!

  47. Sue says:

    the red rag to a bull myth – doing some research on internet – shows that it’s not just a “red” rag – but a “blood-soaked (red) rag” that ‘excites’ and ‘angers’ the bull –

  48. paul t says:

    on red rag to a bull , putting things in the fire. why was the beer keg up the right way ? it would be interesting to see how high it could of gone ….

  49. kalan h says:

    bulls hate red i really don’t think so not at all

  50. ldb says:

    With the aerosol can exploding myth. If the question posed was ‘is an aerosol can placed in a fire capable of killing someone’ then the mythbusters most definitely got this one wrong. I can personally vouch for the lethality of an aerosol can placed in a fire. A little over 23 years ago when i was about 6 i was outside with my dad when he started to burn the trash (we lived in arkansas, well outside of town so there was no trash service). I was standing maybe eight feet from the burning trash when we heard a sound similar to a gunshot. What happened was a full starch can had been thrown away by my older sister, and it had exploded in the fire. The can took off out of the fire and hit me in the chest and face. Where it hit me in the face it caused an internal nose bleed, where it hit me in the chest it caused my right lung to collapse and some pretty serious burns. The combination of injuries was enough to keep me in the hospital for a little over a week and out of school for close to two and a half months. The combo of the blood from my nose draining down into my lungs and stomach, and the collapsed lung, as well as the trauma from the burns nearly killed me. Personally i would say that under the right circumstances it is more than plausible that an aerosol can placed into a fire could be lethal.

    • MSpears says:

      Well, you didn’t die from it, so it wasn’t lethal, was it? :-)

      On a more serious note, I agree with you, an aerosol can in a fire CAN be lethal, especially if you live a long distance from a hospital.

  51. Piecestreet says:

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  52. Adel Sliman says:

    Ive seen something like this on a show my little brother watches, where these school kids tried to pull of a prank called the “atomic flush”. where they flushed all the toilets in the school at once in order to try and make the school lift off the ground. i personally dont think this is possible. but what would happen to the foundation of the building? could the building possibly move at all?

  53. jas says:

    This episode included Jamie fixing a Hobo xxxxxxx foil-wrapped meal. Would appreciate the full name and/or recipe. This portion of the show was deleted from all the available on-line episodes, so cannot get the information by watching any of the on-line episodes.

  54. Nicky Hansard says:

    Ok I have to tell ask you guys something… Are you stupid? Well most of you anyway. Just think about the bullet myth for a second, because the projectile is heavier than the casing of course the casing is going to be the part that gets most of the energy, DUH! Anybody with stories about being hit by them are almost certainly lies or friend of a friend stories. Of course you could be unlucky enough to have the shell pressed against something hard so that the bullet has resistance e.g. cartidge sitting on a stump in a fire. Obviously a shotgun shell is a different story as all those little pellets give less resistance. I have done numerous ‘experiments’ with deodorant cans e.g. exploding them in fires, and puncturing the top etc. and an exploding one does not spray shrapnel that I have ever seen and one being pushed by the gases would only have the force of a very strong throw. So it depends if you think you would die from having a deodorant can thrown at you… Also the person asking if it’s possible to spin your arms in opposite directions, ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!

  55. Claudia says:

    Hey, in Get Smart you know how he stapled the paper to the persons head, could that actually happen?
    Also in Man Vs. Fish it’s probably rubbish but they said sharks are attracted to pee.
    Really random, but ‘d like to know if it’s true…

    • MSpears says:

      Stapled a paper to a person’s head? I know that while filming one of the Indiana Jones films, Harrison Ford got tired of having to do multiple retakes because his hat kept falling off… so he stapled it to his head. I’d say that confirms that you CAN staple something to your head, though I’m pretty sure it just penetrated the skin.

      As for your second question, I don’t know for sure, but it’s plausible. Sharks DO have a sense of curiosity, and they can smell your bodily fluids from a great distance. I don’t think they’re necessarily “attracted” to pee, they’re just curious about the strange odor.

      Having said that, though, there is this tiny fish called the Candiru that lives in the Amazon River, and they ARE attracted to pee. They will swim right up your urinary canal, stick out their spines, and lodge there. Yes, it IS painful. Yes, it usually requires medical intervention… possibly including amputation of a particular body part (and I don’t think I need to tell you which part!)

      On a humorous note, though… if you’re in the Amazon Jungle and invited for a swim, at least you have a good reason not to “go” in the water!

  56. Johnnie says:

    I the red rage to a bull needs to get a second look. I think the bull you used was the American bull. The bull fighters in Spain and Mexico use a different type of bull. One that goes after the red cape.American bulls go after anyone that moves. That is why we have Bullfighters to help the cowboys.

  57. Dan Gutting says:

    Bulls, like deer elk etc, don’t see longwavelength light . But they see short wave length light much better than we do. ( Thats why they see all night long.)
    Ther are a lot of myths about deer vision and smell and hearing (carbon suits and deer whistles on cars) Viewers would be very interested and I would be happy to direct you to research material. You could start at the atsko website.

    • Tom says:

      I heard the red flag was not for the bull at all it was for the audience.The bullfighter has a sword to stab the bull and when the bull passes by the blood don’t show on the flag. As for the china shop use your brain the bull doesn’t hate china think put a bull in a china shop what’s gonna happen total destruction

  58. Mister Mister says:

    They need to do a second look on that color red and bulls. I remember taking a red blanket to have a picnic with my family at their ranch. We left the blanket unattended and a cow was starring right at it kick dirt behind it ready to charge. I remember asking my father why the cow was doing it and it’s pretty universal that people know that cows hate red.

    • chadmarshall50 says:

      Cows really dont hate the color red. One time i was riding my bike in the cows were in the fence and they started to look at my crazy. Then I get off and they justmine they own business!

  59. chadmarshall50 says:

    Does helements really protect people from head injuries? how.

  60. Jordan says:

    I see a few complaints that the test for “bull in a china shop” was done outdoors, but there are two obvious reasons why they had to: one, it’s probably pretty difficult to get a bull inside the china shop in the first place, and two, there is a high probability of collateral damage.

    But I’d like to point out a variable that they missed: the china shop didn’t have any customers in it. An empty china shop is not as likely a scenario for a bull turning loose.

  61. Enrico Martinez says:

    Hey Mythbusters!

    You need to re-test the “Exploding Aerosol Cans with Lethal Force” in a contained environment.

    Aerosol Cans can become a deadly projectile when exposed to a fire.

    About 30 yrs ago, I was almost hit by an aerosol can which exploded from a heap of burning leaves and other materials. That fire was about a hundred feet (100 ft) from me, and the can slammed with a “LOUD BANG!!!” at my door, missing me by three feet (3 ft). The base of the can had made the contact and potched-marked the solid hardwood door.

    It was like a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) but without the grenade. It could have landed me in a hospital with a serious injury if it had hit me.

    IT SHOULD BE “C O N F I R M E D ! ! !”

  62. Bethany says:

    You should do another magiver episode and see if it is possible to make a bomb out of bubblegum!

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