Episode 81: Grenades and Guts

Air Date: June 13, 2007

Self-hypnosis can … cure seasickness.


Grant, who is susceptible to seasickness, volunteered to test self-hypnosis to see whether he could overcome his condition. As a control, he was put into a chair that helped induce seasickness while Tory and Kari kept track of how long it would take for him to vomit. Grant then used a self-hypnosis CD to try and cure his sickness. After his self-hypnosis session, Grant went back to the chair, but still succumbed to his sickness, although it took twice as long.

Self-hypnosis can … change your eye color.


Kari first went to an eye center to obtain a control photo of her eye color. She then underwent a self-hypnosis session in an attempt to change her physical eye color. However, when she went back to the eye center to have her eyes analyzed, the results showed that there was no change in eye color.

Self-hypnosis can … eliminate a person’s fear of bees.


Because Tory had no real issues that could be resolved through self-hypnosis, the Build Team instead brought Adam and tried to cure him of his irrational fear of bees. For the control test, they measured Adam’s heart rate and physical stress levels when he was shown a box full of bees and had to put his hand inside of it. After going through his self-hypnosis session, Adam retook the test. During the retest, Adam showed the same amounts of fear and physical stress as the control test, showing that he still possessed his fear.

If a person swallowed both Mentos and Diet Coke, his stomach would explode.


This myth is based on an internet video where a man ingested both Diet Coke and Mentos and fell unconscious, reportedly from a ruptured stomach. When tested with a pig’s stomach, it was learned that the simple act of drinking the soda released much of the carbon dioxide within it, preventing the expected cascade of foam the Mentos and soda combination would give off. Even pumping the gas from the normal Mentos/cola fountain directly into the stomach didn’t make the stomach burst, but like the previous myth of soda and Pop Rocks, the stomach expanded to the point where the victim would be in a lot of pain and induced vomiting. Only by blowing compressed air directly into the stomach did it burst.

A hero could save his buddies by … covering a grenade with his own body.


During the control test, the Mythbusters detonated a grenade with no obstacles with several plywood dummies around it at varying distances. The shrapnel inflicted lethal injuries on most of the dummies. For the actual test, the Mythbusters planted a ballistics gel dummy over the grenade before detonating it. While the ballistics gel dummy was completely destroyed, only one of the plywood dummies suffered any severe damage, and what damage was caused was not lethal. While the hero would undoubtedly die in the attempt, he would be able to save his comrades nearby.

A hero could save his buddies by … placing a grenade in a bucket full of water.


The Mythbusters placed a grenade in a bucket full of water, in hopes that the bucket would slow down the shrapnel enough to inflict no harm on the plywood dummies. However, there were fears that the bucket would in fact contribute to the damage by being turned into shrapnel itself. After the test, only one of the dummies suffered lethal damage, but there was still significantly less shrapnel damage than the control test. Though not perfect, one advantage to this method is that the hero does not have to sacrifice himself.

A hero could save his buddies by … throwing the grenade inside a refrigerator.


The Mythbusters obtained a refrigerator and placed it in the middle of a group of the dummies. They then placed a grenade inside it and detonated it. The refrigerator was essentially turned into a giant fragmentation grenade, and the flying debris destroyed the dummies immediately in front and behind of the refrigerator, though standing at the sides is safe. The Mythbusters agreed that putting a grenade in the refrigerator was not a good idea.


  1. asdf says:

    self-hypnosis can be powerful, but not with people as naturally skeptical and science-minded as the mythbusters team. i’m not saying it can do ridiculous things like actualy change your eye color, but if you fully believe it, it can be as powerful as the placebo effect.

    • Andy says:

      There are a lot of false things about this show and as far as changing eye color….well, we shall see.

  2. James Cooper says:

    I agree with asdf, there’s an element missing here. Ask any practitioner of hypnosis and they will tell you that it works because people believe it works. They’ll also tell you that it only works for some people. That’s why when you see those live hypnosis shows, they have to “audition” people at the beginning of the show. And no, that part isn’t staged; I was picked once and it most certainly worked on me.

    Basically, just because it didn’t work for one person doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work at all. The Mythbusters should be well aware of this logical fallacy.

  3. a-z says:

    asdf said: “it (hypnosis) can be as powerful as the placebo effect.”

    This is exactly the textbook definition of “it does not work”. For something to work it has to do better than the placebo effect. Otherwise hypnosis is as effective a “I am the Messiah and I am here to cure you” said convincingly to a person that is willing to believe me (this if for your logical fallacy James Cooper :)).

  4. chava says:

    Throwing oneself on a grenade will defnitely save one’s buddies. Sad to say, it was proven here by a hero in Israel’s 2nd Lebanon War.

  5. Cynar says:

    The placebo effect is NOT no effect, in fact it’s been known to cure cancer (in v.rare cases) Hypnosis just allows you to tap into that in a slightly more controlled manner and so acheive more reliable effects. And yes, most (if not all) religious healings are hypnotic in nature, the mind is a powerful thing.

  6. Brendon says:

    If you had time to throw the grenade in the fridge, and then pull it over so the door was on the ground – it may cause less damage to the surrounding people; since the grenade ‘destroyed the dummies immediately in front and behind of the refrigerator’??

  7. tikka says:

    I would have liked to comment more fully on this but I started ranting so I will cut it short..

    Self hypnosis tapes, can be almost useless in most cases as they do not resolve the cause and only treat a symptom of it.

    An example might be that a group stop smoking session takes place, a few people will stop smoking but the majority will continue. Assuming some people do stop, they will most likely focus their need of distraction to something else like food or alcohol. The cause for all this is still there.

    Change of eye colour, is probably quite possible but it’s not something I have witnessed.

    What people fail to take into consideration that in most causes medication, fail to cure. Alternatives have been known to work where medicine fails, so the question is what really works?

    • MSpears says:

      It’s more likely that any change in eye color is due to inducing a relaxed state in the hypnosis subject, and is only temporary.

      I say this because one of my friends in high school had hazel eyes that would turn emerald green when he was experiencing a strong emotion (especially anger), because of the way emotional stress affects the pupils and blood vessels.

  8. Kratos says:

    Hey, guys, im a big fan of the show and i love the idea that a hero could save his buddies by placing said grenade into a bucket of water, brilliant, also, im was wondering how old u guys really r.

  9. Jawa says:

    It would be just fine with me if they did NOT check the eye color mix.

  10. Dea says:

    i would also like to post a comment about the myth of jumping on a grenade to save your buddies. it was stated above that this had already taken place during the Israel’s 2nd Lebanon War soldier. but even before that there are plenty accounts of WWII soldiers covering the explosives with their bodies. there was really a need for more research into history of the myth, or in this case a fact. unless you guys did it just to fill in the air time. thanks for a great show and keep up the good work.


  11. steve says:

    Well refrigerator’s aren’t built to withstand a blast or high heat. But a gas oven should be able to withstand a gernade, minus the oven door because that would blow up. The other side of the test could be if it blows up outside of the fridge and see if it protects them to be inside of the fridge.

  12. dave says:

    while entertaining, this show is completely full of it. As scientists, you should know that nothing can be DISPROVEN. It is a stretch to even say that anything can be proven… For example mythbusters supposedly busted the myth of how a cable snapping couldn’t possibly cut you in half or kill you. However, it has been all over the news in recent weeks as that a girl had both her legs at the upper ankle completely sliced off by a cable snapping. Just goes to show ya… you truly shouldn’t believe everything you hear, even if its from the “mythbusters”

    • MSpears says:

      Yes, BUT… they were testing to see if a cable snapping could CUT YOU IN HALF.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but unless you literally have “legs up to your neck”, the upper ankle is not “in half”, is it?

    • Charley says:

      The hypnotist would sgguest changes in Robert’s feelings, perceptions, thoughts, or behaviors related to smoking. The hypnotist would stimulate Robert’s five senses using monotonous hypnotic induction and force him to quit smoking. The hypnotist would ask Robert to go to sleep until the hypnosis is over. The hypnotist would ask Robert to do something that is against his will to motivate him to stop smoking.

  13. sam says:

    The thing about the grenade in the refrigerater is is that on the tv show they got the myth from the fridge was cold it was NOT during the tests they should try it again

  14. grass/3 says:

    about the mentos and coke myth. 1st, you were using diet coke which may be missing a key to the explosion. also, i’ve heared the myth going some guy ate pop rocks and drunk coke behind it which caused his stomach to go BOOM! so tori grant and the other guy, please retest this myth. thanks. :-)

  15. Chelsea says:

    If a person swallowed both Mentos and Diet Coke, his stomach would explode.

    why did they put the soda into the stomic first. thats not what the guy from ther internet did, not the other wat around. the guy ate the Mentos first then drank the soda.

    • MSpears says:

      The order in which it was done wouldn’t matter. The chemical reaction is the same either way.

      • person says:

        it is not the same, i agree with chelsea

        • A J says:

          I agree that the test was performed incorrectly. The mints were swallowed first not the other way around as performed in the test. It is possible that with the mints not having reached the stomach by the time the coke reaches them that the gas would be able to build up internally as well as being exhaled.

    • Stephen says:

      If the stomach inflates because of gaseous pressures, either you burp out all the air in the stomach via the gullet to mouth… or you fart like hell through the other side!

  16. Joe G says:

    Umm, more than likely by the time you drink the Diet Coke after swallowing the mentos, the mentos would more than likely be dissolved in your stomach acid. So when the Diet coke reached your stomach it should also be diluted down (from the stomach acid) and most of the carbonation should have been, let’s say, “dissolved”.

  17. John says:

    The Frig:
    One thing, about the frig completely exploding; that I was wondering.
    Who puts a frig in the middle of the kitchen and then walk around it to get anywhere?
    Isn’t a frig usually in a corner, with a wall on two to three sides of it?

    Thus, when it explodes, it would really only have one outlet? Also, it was a powered, full frig.. not that I would imagine that really matters much. ^_^ So I would find it interesting to see it as a real kitchen setting, with the fridge in a corner having two walls at least for support?

  18. Aaron says:

    As odd as it sounds there actually are explosive safe refrigerators out there that have a relief valve, as far as how well they contain shrapnel though I am not sure (we didn’t test ours in Iraq we wanted the cold water). Marine Corporal Jason Dunham recieved the Medal of Honor for falling ontop of a grenade to save his friends. He placed his helmet down first to contain the blast, however he still recieved shrapnel that was fatal. When it comes to the time you have to react to a grenade you do whatever you can the contain it get away from it or get it away from you quickest option first.

  19. Brian says:

    Well, if they put the fridge in the corner so the corner would absorb shrapnel, and the fridge causes more shrapnel then the grenade, then wouldn’t it be smarter to just throw the grenade in the corner?

  20. David says:

    With regard to the grenade experiments, you should look towards the Barnes Wallis and the bouncing bombs.

    His experiments indicated that the force of an explosion can be directed by the placing of fluid against the the explosives. In that case, against a hard surface of a damn.

    In the case of placing a grenade in a bucket of water or placing a body over the top of a grenade the force would be directed down rather than the up and out. The reason the butcket works is the grenade sinks to the bottom and so sits with the fluid above it.

    Neadless to say that some force is absorbed by the bucket and/or the body in the explosion and damaged accordingly.

  21. Juan says:

    RE: Hypnosis

    For most non-organic afflictions, phobias and neuroses, hypnosis is quite effective. I believe that Grant’s last experience proves, rather than disproves this.

    How long has Grant been aware that the spatial vertigo brought about by a pitching vessel makes him nauseous…..like most of his life??

    Yet, after listening to a generic (i.e. not taylored to his particular semantic constructs and dominant representational “filters”, so to speak) hypnosis program for a relatively brief time, he effectively doubled his ability to maintain his lunch. This is what most people refer to as “results”.

    If one couldn’t find their ass with both hands for their entire life, and a teachable skill came along which asisted that person to find it with one hand or the other most of the time, would you call that “failure”??

    While single-trial change does indeed happen with hypnotic technique, it isn’t the rule. Or, as my mentor in hypnotic technique likes to say: “You get the life that you rehearse”.

    Next time youse guys feel so inclined to revisit questions of hypnosis, please seek out the group called thehypnosisclub.com. They’re a Bay Area group of hypnotists who amongst the best the area has to offer.

  22. owen says:

    there is a new type of body armour called ‘dragon skin it was on the ‘future weapons ‘ programe ( i watch discovory alot it can absob a grenade although it is not in common service yet its design it by overlaping the armour to spread the impact

  23. Jamie says:

    The dummie made on this show was made out of ballistic…but it was not the normal powder but a new “chip” form. Does anyone know what that is or where to get it? thanks

  24. alisha says:

    hey in the mentos and pop thing to put the pop first but in the video the guy ate the mentos first you should retry the myth

    • MSpears says:

      As I said above, the order in which you put the mentos and soda into the stomach won’t matter; the chemical reaction is exactly the same.

  25. steven hawking says:

    With regard to the grenade experiments, you should look towards the Barnes Wallis and the bouncing bombs.

    His experiments indicated that the force of an explosion can be directed by the placing of fluid against the the explosives. In that case, against a hard surface of a damn.

    In the case of placing a grenade in a bucket of water or placing a body over the top of a grenade the force would be directed down rather than the up and out. The reason the butcket works is the grenade sinks to the bottom and so sits with the fluid above it.

    Neadless to say that some force is absorbed by the bucket and/or the body in the explosion and damaged accordingly

  26. sprucebranch says:

    Hypnosis: I can think of one case where hypnosis could change the color of one’s eyes…in a way.

    I had a girlfriend who mentioned that my eyes changed colors depending on my mood.

    I had to check this one out. Turns out, they don’t, but they APPEAR to.

    You see, I have hazeled eyes; there’s sort of a tan interior band, a light blue middle band, and a dark blue outer band. Depending on my eyes’ dilation, my eyes can appear green (tan plus blue), light blue, dark blue (wide iris) or green again (my sclera is more yellow than most peoples’, so the blue of a wide, wide iris sort of looks greener due to the yellow).

    Hypnosis can help people achieve “sleep-like” states (thus the root, hypnos, the god of sleep), which can change eye dilation.

    This will give the VISUAL EFFECT of eye color change, without the actual PHYSICAL ALTERATION of the eye.

    But only if you have bands of color in your cornea.

    • MSpears says:

      Thank you, Sprucebranch! That’s exactly what I was saying earlier in this thread, about my friend with hazel eyes. As it turns out, there’s two different types of hazel eyes: There’s true hazel, and then there’s brown/green hazel, which is what my friend obviously had.

    • Donea says:

      I am the same as you and until recently I had no idea why i was like this.I was diongased as having Auditory Processing Disorder, which means I have a listening problem but that leads on to other realted issues such as word recall problems when speaking or writing, and problems with getting the words I want to use in the correct order when under stress. I also can not read from a prepared text or reading aloud.I am good at research and explaining thingds one to one or may be to a group maximum size of 3 people.For more information there I have added a few links below, and you might find the Adult APD forum a useful source of support and information

  27. Brian says:

    Hey I’m pretty sure this is true but at high altitudes will a bag of chips pop?

  28. Dereck says:

    In the saga of the grenade in the bucket of water, the absorbing effect was very effective BUT let’s say we were talking about WW2 or a bit later? Metal buckets!!!! If a metal bucket got trashed in the same way as the plastic one, the bucket itself would have created some mean shrapnel??

    • MSpears says:

      Yes, it would, IMO, though it would still be less deadly than just standing around twiddling your thumbs until the grenade explodes.

  29. Kerstin says:

    Hey! I don’t think you gave the self-hypnosis thing a good enough try!! You should re-visit this and listen to the cd’s for at least 4-8 weeks. Then see if the results are better!

  30. Chris says:

    Thanks for covering the grenade myths, I had always thought that covering it with your body would save those around you (it seems plausible anyway). However, your “grenade test dummy” was made only from ballistics gel right? The first thing I thought might disprove the myth is the possibility that the victims bones might act as shrapnel (surely as nasty as fragments of metal?).
    Any chance of a redux, with a skeleton inside the dummy?

  31. paulmalley says:

    Re Pulling grenade pin out with teeth.

    I have never been in the army,but if you
    don’t wish to put your rifle down the only way to get the grenade pin out is With your teeth.

    I can well imagine that the only time a squaddie feels comfortable without a rifle in his hands is when he has them both round
    the scrawny neck of the politician who sent
    him there.

    • MSpears says:

      Not true. This is why your rifle has this little thing called a RIFLE STRAP. You put the rifle down at your side and let the strap hold it, while you pull the pin.

      Yes, it is *possible* to pull a grenade pin with your teeth, but I would NOT recommend it, unless you know a really good dentist.

  32. Rachael says:

    wow i always wanted to try mentos and diet coke!!

  33. Rachael says:

    omg dude i am hungry

  34. Kevin J. says:

    Remeber when you did the ninja and the speeding bullet what if you used a ninja to block the paintball insted of a bullet remember that the bullet was just a little faster then the paint ball so, if the ninja can block the paiant ball it might help some

  35. Chris says:

    Dave–good call on the cable snapping theory. The incident with the girl getting her feet cut off by an amusement park ride happened right here in my home town. Perhaps this show should be revisited and retested. It would be interesting if the mythbuster crew could get their hands on the preliminary findings of that accident and explore the physics behind it. Incidently, that ride has been closed since the accident and is being dismantled.

  36. Brian says:

    i love ur show.

  37. Gene.K says:

    The exploding stomach with DietCoke and Mentos- The body heat will just probrably melt the mentos.

  38. Gene.K says:

    I heard in FutureWeapons that the DragonSkin vest could really protect you even if you’re under a grenade.

  39. Kusumura says:

    Wowa. That fridge. If my mother ever caught me doing that to her fridge.. I’d wish I got hit by the door or behind panel =D.

  40. Charlie says:

    Worked at US ARMY weapons test center, Aberdeen Proving Ground for 25 years. Thus I saw many weapons tests including grenades. I was told that when a grenade explodes on the ground the shrapnel goes up and out forming a V shaped destructive cone zone. Just imagine a V wherein the shrapnel goes up and out forming a nondestructive zone in between the grenade and where the shrapnel comes down. If one were lying on the ground in that nondestructive zone, about 2 feet from the exploding grenade, They would hear a big blast but they might not get hit by any shrapnel. If you revisit a grenade test you might want to check this out.

    BTW, there is no way to pull the pin on a grenade with ones teeth, John Wayne style. Your teeth will come out first.

  41. jon says:

    how big of a blast is 4 ounces of c4, the hand grenade has one ounce right?

  42. John says:

    Have you guys tried using a grenade, and slamming a bullet-resistant helmet on it? I mean the modern kevlar fiber ones. And know for sure that older pineapple greandes would probably wreck a helmet cause of the large fragments, but what about the smaller, lighter shrapnel from a baseball grenade?
    And on a side not, in your spy-style infiltration video, where you used the night vision goggles to see the laser beams, did you use actualy Night Vision goggles, or intfrared goggles? They do different things

  43. jacob says:

    I love mythbusters!Its my favoret TV show wait is it even a show or is it the best thing on earth? Adam and Jamie I’m 9 and your so cool. can you email me back

  44. darkion says:

    A hero could save his buddies by … covering a grenade with his own body….
    is not a real myth because many soldiers of ww2 have make this action ! is not holywood vision of an heroic act!
    but have many other myth about hand granade!!!

  45. Quin says:

    About the fridge one… if you look carefully at the clip they provide… Monk (the guy who puts the granade in there) runs behind a support collum AND the door bounces off the dryer.

  46. Lodewijk Otto says:

    This episode was rerun today at Discovery channel Netherlands. Although the grenade myth is mentioned as a movie myth, it sorrily has a real version taking place during the last stages of World War II in the Netherlands:

    “Operation Market Garden, an attempt to free occupied Holland. Had the operation succeeded, the war might have ended months before it did. Airborne units of the 101st US Airborne Division landed in southern Holland on September 17, 1944, in what was then the largest airborne operation in history.

    Private First Class Joe E. Mann, of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, landed between the Dutch villages of Son and St. Oedenrode. Next day, fighting for possession of a German ammunition store, he was wounded twice. A day later, with both arms in slings, he was sheltering in a trench with six other wounded men, when a German hand grenade landed near him. Unable to use his arms because of the wound dressings, he shouted “Grenade!”, lay back to take the main force of the explosion with his body, and a few moments later was dead. Although a few of his comrades received shrapnel wounds, he had saved their lives. For his courageous deed, Joe Mann was posthumously awarded the highest American order, the Congressional Medal of Honor.”

    In honour of Joe Mann there is also an open air theatre with his name, and memorial signs, in the midst of the woods between the villages of Son, St. Oedenrode and Best which are situated in the South of the Netherlands.

  47. chris says:

    If you research, many Medal of Honor recepients have been falling on a grenade to save their comrades. Each war has many and a soldier who did this for his comrades in Iraq was just award the MOH, posthumously.

  48. chris says:

    One the of the awards was for Milton Olive III, I would highly recommend everyone to research his story and the effect it had on his platoon and the people he saved when he made that ultimate decision and sacrifice.

  49. chuckles says:

    i do think u should revisit the exploding stomach mentos and diet coke as the video shows the mentos were swallowed first and there is clearly not enough time fo them to dissolve in the stomach

  50. cay252 says:

    If a person swallowed both Mentos and Diet Coke, his stomach would explode.

    IM REALLY DISAPIONTED WITH THAT EPISODE! in that episode u put the cola first not the mentos!!! so id like 2 see it done PROPERLY! PLEZ AND THX

  51. howie0 says:

    if a piece of straw can penetrate a 2″-4″ in tornado velocity winds then i think a cable snapping under 1000’s of lbs of pressure would cut like a knife under the right conditions(ask anybody injured in this manner if it can happen before you try to recreate it and say it is busted) i am sure there are a few oil rig workers missing fingers and hands( from whipping chains) who would tell you that you are full of it.

  52. steven shelton says:

    hi i am 12 years old ive been watching your show for 11 years its awsome .my favorite was the card throwing im realy good at it.o and adam your awsome.reply back.

  53. Dave Allan says:

    Just seen this episode in UK and thought you may be interested in looking at Lance-Corporal David Croucher who threw himself on a grenade in Afghanistan and got a bloody nose and a blown up backpack. See the story at


  54. james macy says:

    have u guys tried putting a gernade in a dragonskin (thats a new type of body armor) vest?
    or covering it with ice?

  55. Ian says:

    Further to Dave Allen comments;

    Not only did he survive but refused medical attention and carried on fighting. Courage beyond belief.

  56. james says:

    Can you back slap someone from behinde and break their nose

  57. quentin says:

    can a skate board be leathel if hit in the head

  58. Lorra says:

    The Mentos would not have dissolved that quickly. I agree, they should have done it exactly the way the guy in the video did. They did NOT bust the exploding stomach myth because they did not test it completely. REDO.

  59. Vanessa says:

    The mythbusters are AWESOME!!
    I hope this show will not end while i live… It would be cool to have like a second generation of Jamie and Adam!!

  60. Mike says:

    There was also CPL Duane Dewey in the korean war who laid on a grenade and survived. He’s a common guest at UFNROTC events.

  61. Joe says:

    I can’t believe the mentos thing is still being discussed! Firstly, the mentos must be completely dry for this to work, saliva on the surface of the mints would create a barrier between the mentos and the cola. I say busted no matter which is injested first

  62. bryan bell says:

    The story told to me is that the hero placed his tin hat, WW2 British type, over the grenade and then stood on it.

  63. Jed says:

    I have read stories of people who have jumped on grenade and survived. I even read about a guy while fighting on Iwo Jima jumped on 2 grenades and was still conscious when the medic got to him. All the stories i have read are from WW2 by the way.

  64. Brian in Belfast says:

    Hi, I have another true example of a soldier falling on a grenade to save his comrades. This was during the First World War when my fellow countryman Private William McFadzean died performing this heroic deed and was awarded the Victoria Cross. The full story is at http://www.belfastsomme.com/vc_billy.htm

  65. Lucas says:

    Hi, I’m from Argentina and wanted to make a couple corrections on the myth that says if a person swallowed both Mentos and Diet Coke, his stomach would explode, that you denied. First of all, the man did swallowed the instruments before the Diet Coke, which might cause the fizz out at once and the stomach burst.
    And second, the stomach could have food inside, which might cause less space and the impending explosion.

  66. Matthew says:

    Love the show. Just seen this episode in the UK. We’re bang up to date here!  Ok so the grenade issue. I have a theory (actually I’m sure I’ve been told this or seen it in a film, so I use the phrase ‘I have’ loosely. The theory is that since the grenade explodes upwards and outwards, in fact the safest place to be is actually lying flat on the floor next to it! 
    Clearly the question is… 
    What is the optimum distance to minimise injury??
    Not sure on my theory ok, 1) watch the blast in slow motion & 2) the major injuries in both blasts were from the knees up.  
    Love to see this tested just in case I find someone has lobed a grenade into the room I’m in. 
    Many thanks. 

  67. Charis says:

    1.the guy with seasickness did ONE session took him twice as long to have the feeling of vomit.
    2. One person didn;t had an eye color change with ypnosis so hypnossi doens;t work? OK? So, u give a drug to one person about a condition and just because in this person didn;t work the drug doesn;t work? Is this the REAL scientific way? Doctors do those kind of experiment in THOUSANTS of people to make conclutions!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!
    Myth Busters don;t use REAL scientific ways to prove anything, they use one person and they call that a conclution, yeah right, scientific my ass.
    I use eye color change hypnosis and i see change, my mom sees change, my husband sees change.
    As for hypnosis in general and if it works, Doctors themselves say even to CANCER petients to do hypnosis to help them. Who are myth busters again? There experiments aren’t real ones, to make a real experiement especially in body changes u need a lot of people to do it. In the 70s REAL doctors use hypnosis to dosens of women for breast enlargment and more than the 80% of women had bigger boobs.
    Hypnosis works thats why MANY PEOPLE DO IT!!!!!

  68. Charis says:

    To say something it is “scientific”, someone needs to spend a lot of time researching on a subject, even eye color changing. To believe that eye color changing doens;t work with hypnosis that means myth busters should pay around 1000 people, make them do the hypnosis for at least 6 months, and then post resutls. Thats a simple scientific way. Drug companies before they release a drug, do enviroment control experiments in thousants of people. So, please don;t believe everything they say, this is not the real scientific way to make true conclutions. They are scams!

    • MSpears says:

      @Charis: The only chance that using hypnosis to change your eye color would even work is if you’re one of those people with color bands in your iris, such as someone with “green/brown” hazel eyes instead of “true” hazel eyes.

      By changing your emotional status, they could affect the dilation of your eyes and/or the blood vessels of your eyes, thus causing a change in color. Even so, this change would NOT be permanent, and you could not change (for example) blue eyes to brown eyes by hypnosis… pigmentation just doesn’t work that way.

  69. Fleebird says:

    What would be the effect of putting bodyarmor on buster in the grenade myth? I would expect that from the modern soldier =)

  70. felixnoir says:

    Proving hypnosis does not work with a sample of…one! Yes kids, science comes to your TV set! it is really sad to see the excellent Mythbusters providing such terrible non-science. Did they even monitor Adam during the hypnosis session to see if he was hypnotised?

  71. Grant says:

    Re: If a person swallowed both Mentos and Diet Coke, his stomach would explode.

    I noticed when they showed the video of the man whom took the Mentos, that he chewed them up before drinking the Cola, would this have an affect on the reaction?? It might, they need to redo the test!!

  72. Alexis says:

    asdf nailed it and highlights a basic failing of this silly show. The tests are created to achieve a desired result. That’s fine if you’re not pretending to be “science” but american education is so lacking in this respect, most viewers don’t have the critical thinking skills to see these so-called experiments are no such thing. Using the jargon of science doesn’t make it so.

  73. monkey_butt says:

    MYTHBUSTERS rock my socks!!!! why dont they do a lot of projects anymore?!?!

  74. Shane says:

    Where’s the REAL grenade test? The one where you place a soldiers helmet over the grenade???

  75. andrew says:

    what about saving his buddies from a grenade by covering the grenade with his helmet?

  76. Greg says:

    I thought the episode with the grenades was deeply offensive. The cast and crew were howling with laughter as bodies were blasted to pieces with grenades. There are millions of people alive today whose friends and relatives have been killed in war, many, many of them by grenades. That is not a subject for decent people to laugh about.

    In any case, it is certainly not a myth that a soldier can save his friends by jumping on a grenade. Here is a website that collects citations for every Congressional Medal of Honor ever given.


    I counted at least 103 men who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for jumping on grenades to save their buddies. Here is the citation for the most recent one:

    Rank and Organization: Master-At-Arms Second Class (Sea, Air And Land), United States Navy
    For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as automatic weapons gunner for Naval Special
    Warfare Task Group Arabian Peninsula, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM on 29 September 2006. As a member of a combined SEAL and Iraqi Army Sniper Overwatch Element, tasked with providing early warning and stand-off protection from a rooftop in an insurgent held sector of Ar Ramadi, Iraq, Petty Officer Monsoor distinguished himself by his exceptional bravery in the face of grave danger. In the early morning, insurgents prepared to execute a coordinated attack by reconnoitering the area around the element’s position. Element snipers thwarted the enemy’s initial attempt by eliminating two insurgents. The enemy continued to assault the element, engaging them with a rocket-propelled grenade and small arms fire. As enemy activity increased, Petty Officer Monsoor took position with his machine gun between two teammates on an outcropping of the roof. While the SEALs vigilantly watched for enemy activity, an insurgent threw a hand grenade from an unseen location, which bounced off Petty Officer Monsoor’s chest and landed in front of him. Although only he could have escaped the blast, Petty Officer Monsoor chose instead to protect his teammates. Instantly and without regard for his own safety, he threw himself onto the grenade to absorb the force of the explosion with his body, saving the lives of his two teammates. By his undaunted courage, fighting spirit, and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of certain death, Petty Officer Monsoor gallantly gave his life for his country, thereby reflecting great credit upon himself and upholding the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

    • Stephen says:

      I have never seen a post like this before.
      kudos for your research and maturity.

      I respect you Greg, often i have’d laugh at sick things in life, call it dark humor.

  77. Mody says:

    I have been using hypnosis since about 1945 to conrtol asthma. I hope that that is high enough t o qualify for your definition. If not please try breathing through a soda straw for 5-10 minutes and re answer the question.I was certified as a hypnotist only a few years later and have used it as part of my job since then.Addictive behaviors are the hardest to deal with and have the highest rate of recidivism. Find a good practitioner and if you want it to work it probably will.

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