Episode 73: Speed Cameras

Air Date: March 7, 2007

A speed camera cannot see through a crystallized plate cover.


In the crystals inside the cover did not reflect enough light to fool the camera. Also, the legality of such a device was questioned.

A speed camera cannot see through a lenticular lens plate cover.


While designed to distort the plate from an angle, all or most of the letters of the plate were still identifiable in the tests. Also, the legality of such a device was questioned.

A speed camera cannot see through plastic wrap.


The plastic wrap proved to be ineffective.

A speed camera cannot see through hair spray.


The hair spray was ineffective.

A speed camera cannot see through commercial spray PhotoBlocker Spray.


The commercial spray was ineffective.

A speed camera cannot take a picture of a car if it is going fast enough.


Neither a normal car nor a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 were able to travel fast enough to outrun the camera.

*This myth was revisited in episode 84 with a jet-powered car and it was confirmed.

A speed camera can take a picture of a passing bird.


The speed camera managed to catch a pair of trained peregrine falcons passing it at a speed of 40 miles per hour.

Defibrillators can cause medical nitroglycerin chest patches to explode.


Using a homemade defibrillator, the build team attempted to see whether the electric shock it created was enough to cause the nitroglycerin in the patches to explode. However, the defibrillator failed to detonate the patches, as well as patches covered with pure nitroglycerin. The build team was forced to use custom made, high power explosives in order to blow up the body.


  1. Mike says:

    A car can outspeed a speed camera, Its been tested on Top Gear..I forget what the speed was but it was somewhere around 180mph.

    • Jeremy says:

      PhotoMaskCover can stop the Photos..

  2. Brian says:

    I think that spray would have worked a lot better if they had taken a picture at an angle (which would always happen at a real intersection), but they took a picture straight on…

  3. Isabelle says:

    Hahaha! Hilarious the way you guys just HAD to blow the body up with a defibrillator one way or the other.

  4. Jawa says:

    I was dissapointed…

  5. Jeff says:

    Top Gear did ineed beat the speed camera. When mythbusters were looking for questions, the first question should have been “what is the fastest speed recorded by one of your camera’s?” It would have been the starting point for that myth.

  6. kiwi Mike says:

    With regard to the number plate , I have been using a 3M reflective sticks tape that has been cut and stuck directly on the numbers and when a flash hits it all you see is white, works superbly evertime.

    • john says:

      where did you get the tape?

    • Hi KIWI MIKE says:

      Hi Mike-Can you tell me where you can get that tape please..nice idea..:) Cheers

    • profitpak says:

      How do you know it works?

  7. jamoecw says:

    i too was disappointed in the fact that they didn’t position the camera realisticly, although this may be because the speed camera guy wouldn’t have participated if they had actually shown how to beat the camera.

  8. jon says:

    So everybody knows Top Gear beat the radar and without going the speed of light like mythbuster suggested you needed to do. Also it’s ridiculous that they used such a small track to run the tests, their are plenty of cars that can reach 140mph (my $7k is rated at this speed) so why didn’t they go the extra 30mph? they didn’t prove anything by using a lambo, it was just for the “cool factor.” i hate it when they jump to conclusion with their smug attitudes.

  9. Jeffrey says:

    First off, sorry for posting this by mistake as a comment on the “Snow Special”.

    RE: Beating photo-ticket cameras:

    I hope they actually get this comment for one of the re-do shows, but Adam didn’t use the method that actually works, at least according to the retired traffic court judge I had as a traffic school instructor.

    You get a perfectly clear license plate cover — legal in almost all states, as long as it doesn’t obscure the plate (officer’s discretion) — and apply over it a clear laquer: hobby store spray-on, home improvement store brush-on, or fingernail polish.

    The photo camera’s high-intensity flash is reflected back at the camera lens, bleeding the picture out entirely, like a perfectly aimed laser pointer.

    Oh, btw, why didn’t you guys try the laser pointer?

    Love the show,
    West Hollywood

    • Wayne says:

      If I apply 1st clear finger nail polish to my liscense plate and then cover the plate with a clear plastic cover, is there a way for me to test this method? As an example can I use any digital camera and take a picture of the plate aprox 25 feet away to simulate a red light camera? Is this also effective with speed light cameras? Please reply back anyone that can answer these questions? Thanks Wayne

  10. aussygirl says:

    hi i love ur show my science teacher shows it too us in class u guys and girls rock!

  11. aussygirl says:

    hey i no the best myth…When making ice cubes, using hot water rather than cold water freezes them faster.

    • Thermo-Man says:

      alot of people actually believe this ! ! !
      hey aussygirl; who no’s?

    • Thermo-Man says:

      Determining whether or not hot water can freeze faster than cold water may seem like a no-brainer. After all, water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius. And wouldn’t water hot enough to kill E. coli bacteria (about 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius) take a longer path than cooler water at a fall New England beach (about 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius) towards a frigid future as ice? While a logical assumption, it turns out that hot water can freeze before cooler water under certain conditions.

      This apparent quirk of nature is the “Mpemba effect,” named after the Tanzanian high school student, Erasto Mpemba, who first observed it in 1963. The Mpemba effect occurs when two bodies of water with different temperatures are exposed to the same subzero surroundings and the hotter water freezes first. Mpemba’s observations confirmed the hunches of some of history’s most revered thinkers, such as Aristotle, Rene Descartes and Francis Bacon, who also thought that hot water froze faster than cold water.

      • XHEKI says:

        I WANTED TO SEE IT !!!

  12. Jeremy says:

    I’ve got to agree with jamoecw; even if Adam and Jamie had found a way to beat the camera, there’s no chance they would have televised it, especially with the speed camera guy participating in the test. The breathalyser test they did in an earlier episode, with the help of the POLICE, is no different. I love the show, but I think that tests like this, where there is a blatant conflict of interest, are a bit of a waste of airtime.

  13. Toby Bossert says:

    RE: Episode 72: Beating Speed cameras

    First off I love the show. But I have a suggestion for you guys should you choose to re visit the beating speed camera myth.

    I grew up in the country and my parents and my uncle often joked that caked on dust or mud would foil the high speed camera’s on the 401 in Toronto.

    The rational behind this is that looking at the dirty licence plate from 5 feet away its hard to clearly make out the numbers so if the human eye can’t make them out at a short distance then I would suspect the high speed camera may have the same problem.

    I also think that driving with a dirty licence plate would get you into a lot less trouble then using one of those licence plate covers.

  14. 42Adult says:

    Hello, my name is Homer, Long time watcher, 1st time poster: (Like Bart hAHahA)

    “I grew up in the country and my parents and my uncle often joked that caked on dust or mud would foil the high speed camera’s on the 401 in Toronto.

    The rational behind this is that looking at the dirty licence plate from 5 feet away its hard to clearly make out the numbers so if the human eye can’t make them out at a short distance then I would suspect the high speed camera may have the same problem.

    I also think that driving with a dirty licence plate would get you into a lot less trouble then using one of those licence plate covers.”
    -I have heard this one. Dirt would be an easy test.

    -I agree that an extra 30 to 40mph would be a good REVISIT.

    -Police are not going to let you have 3m tape on a plate.

    -Clear cover is legal in NV, If the cover does not effect the naked eye=Legal.

    Great topic, Enjoy the show.

  15. Dorothy says:

    I have an issue with the speed camera’s capture of the bird. When you tested the bird handler swinging the meat, he was stationary, but when the bird flew past him, he turned quickly to keep facing the bird. I think the speed camera was either clocking him turning and not the bird flying past him or that the combined movements of bird and handler triggered it’s reaction. It may have simply captured the bird because it was close enough to it’s handler to be in the same picture. Amazing photo, by the way. Although it made sense to clock the meat and make sure that it wasn’t triggering the camera, Adam was right. You should have had the bird’s handler stand out of the camera’s range. That would have been the only way to make sure the camera was capturing the bird and not the handler turning around as the bird went past.

  16. Manila Mark says:

    It would be also better if they tried the the experiment at night. There is a way to block the camera at night using a commercially available Neon-light accessory around the plate number.

  17. JohnnyC says:

    Motorcycles can beat road sensor type cameras by riding down the white lines, the sensors are far enough apart it won’t be picked up.

    Anyone that beats a speed camera by going down a public highway at 180mph deserves to hit the next bridge abutment at that same speed. Go find a track and risk only your own life you morons.

  18. aeolian says:

    Topgear did it with a TVR driven by the Stig at 170 mph.

  19. Buster says:

    Update: The MythBusters just revisited some of the speed camera myths using a jet car and better camera positioning. See Episode 84.

  20. chuck says:

    About the ninja the art ia not to be there, anouther werds its a turning action to the left or right, avoiding the bullet all together. No one in there right mined would just let you just shoot at them!

  21. sam says:

    hi guys, if u notice on the american number plates they have letters that stick out. so im think on the UK plates the only reason that our cars beet the camera was becaus ours are flat. an indeed we can buy over there reflective strips to g on our plates on stop the camera from catchin u. been tested and proven. matbe u should re-do the myth using UK plates

  22. Speedy says:

    Sure, there’s no jet cars on the road. How about the Bugatti Veyron though. They’re out there on the roads all over the world and it will do 240mph without issue.

  23. Paul Malley says:

    Reference Pommy newspaper “Weekly Telegraph” September 11th page 15

    “Driver banned for using laser to block speed gun”

    ” A laser transmitter designed to open gates or garage doors automatically also
    blocks police speed guns it emerged last week”

    ” A Businessman…nine points…perverting
    course of justice…using TargetLT(laser
    track) 400.

    “Police aimed laser speed gun at RangeRover….gun showed error message….


  24. locky says:

    i went past a speed camera at 200mph in my ford never got a ticket

    • r_u_insane? says:

      Really? You should be takken out and beaten! Do you realize how many others you put at risk by driving 200 mph?!?! SLOW THE F*CK DOWN!

      • Vr says:

        Are you a moron for a believing that?

    • Chris b says:

      Lol, I had me up till u said “Ford”

      • Josh says:

        Lol. He said he went 200 mph in a ford? I didnt know tow trucks could pull them that fast!

  25. Matt the sparky says:

    have a look a the photo with the bird covering up the front of the car as the photo was taken.

  26. Andrew says:

    Beating the speed camera.

    Now my suggestion will only work after dark. So will not be a practical method to beat the speed camera around the clock.

    So at night a speed camera will require a reasonable flash in order to expose the speeding car. even at an ISO of 400 – 500 ISO, and a maximun flash sync shutter speed of 250/ sec as per the Nikon D2Xs which you used in you tests. Your going to need at least T 2.8 using a pro lens, which in terms of light value, would be some where in the figure of around about 9 EV, at the car and your going to have at least a 30′ – 40′ through from the flash to the car. Taking in to account parking on the side of the road and shooting at 45 degrees to the plate. So as we saw in your tests, you used a block flash with a fairly spotted bowl. But even with that sort of flash, your not going to get a shooting stop of much higher than 5.6 or 8 at the car.
    So my way to beat the speed camera is to get a good quality Flash slave to be triggered by the speed cameras Flash. And this slave flash fires the flash directly on to your number plate. making the number plate well off the scale for exposure latitude for even the best DSLR. A reasonable hotshoe flash should be capable of giving an incident value of well more that T 90 (at 400 ISO) at just a foot from the flash. thats got to be well more than 7 or 8 stops above the highest average exposure achievable with even a 1200 watt second flash at that distance and ISO. And even if you shot in RAW and tried running the RAW image through a RAW process and draging the Brightness and Exposure sliders way down to try and read in to the highlights. You still wont have an image.

    Try it. I’d love to see if my estimates were close. And Love the show.



    • Big Dave says:

      As I see it, your theory has a major flaw. YOUR flash is triggered by the speed camera’s flash. That mean that by the time your flash fires, the picture’s already been taken. No?

      • darren says:

        light is a lot faster than that. it works. but the flash has to be really bright. what would be the point of slave flashes if they took too long to be of any good?

      • Loren Pechtel says:

        Amongst photography professionals it’s routine to take a picture with a flash triggered by another flash. That’s how remote strobes are normally operated these days.

    • Aleks says:

      I just had this exact idea, and found this post when I googled it. I think it should work.

  27. Shayne says:

    i know that here in australia we had a problem with number plate covers the popular opion at the time was to do with polarization between the camera lens and number plate cover. if one of them was horizontally Polarized and the other vertically Polarized then you would end up with a black where the number plate cover was…

  28. paul smith says:

    You can beat a speed camera. It happened on an episode of (What Happens Next?). It was a show on Win Tv, Channel Nine, Victoria, Australia. What happened was you put a giant mirror on the back on a ute. The amount of reflection and glare, blinded the camera and you don’t get your photo taken.

  29. Tim says:

    Hey Andrew!
    I’ve heard of your suggested method too, but the flash is pointed towards where the speed camera would be to ‘blind’ it, rather than try to out shine the number plate!

    • Leif kjellberg says:

      I´m convinced that combining your licence plate illumination with a high-power xenon strobe the way Andrew suggests will work.
      Doesn´t mean that I think it is a good idea though. Speed limits and traffic lights are here for a good reason

  30. passing through says:

    “Defibrillators can cause medical nitroglycerin chest patches to explode.

    …the body”

    The body?

    Don’t they mean dummy or carcass?


  31. Paul Rake says:

    Glyceryl trinitrate patch vs defibrillator
    Where did this myth originate

  32. WP64 says:

    How do you test empirical science, through peer review. Well, Jamie and Adam’s peers in Denver BUSTED the Mythbusters. Photo Blocker Spray does work and Fox TV 31 in Denver, CO proves it’s effectiveness in “real world” tests using the Denver PD’s photo radar van. Kinda makes you wonder how “real world” the Mythbusters tests really are…???

  33. Snowman says:

    If you the lenticular lens plate cover mounted with the passengers mounting screw’s about 1/2-3/4 inch’s off it’s vehicle mount so it’s at a bit of an angle the camera can’t read it but if mounted completely flat it is then readable .

  34. Snowman says:

    If you have a “illegal” device that was mounted on the front of your vehicle that shoot’s some sort of paint ball object or smaller projectile ahead of your vehicle which would trigger the camera and render there camera as defective because the device can’t be seen by the camera and you could beat the charges on there camera shooting randomly at nothing ?

    • Niggs says:

      How stupid!

  35. SourBEAR says:

    Photo Blocker Spray is bunk. I had it on my plate and still got a ticket. Don’t waste your money.

  36. Skeptic says:

    Re: “you could beat the charges on there camera shooting randomly at nothing?”

    I can hear that defense in court now… “Your Honor, my precognitive abilities told me that the camera went off randomly a tenth of a second before it took a picture of my car.”

  37. Mark says:

    SourBEAR, did you get your ticket in the day time? or night time?

  38. Brian the Medic says:

    In the 2005 CPR Guidelines build-up, there was retrospective studies about nitro patches & defibs: However, they don’t blow up… The nitro in question is a hydrocarbon base gel applied to a patch, not the patch you guys used.This stuff comes in a toothpaste style tube. What happens is that when we need to apply hands-free pads or the paddles, we remove the patch, wipe the chest, and then spark the patient. The pads have to be securely stuck on the chest with no wrinkles or air bubbles. The paddles must have 25lbs pressure applied to the chest. If the gel is not wiped off & the electrodes (pads or paddles) are not secure, an air gap exists which causes an arc. I’m also a firefighter, so the fire-triangle best explains what has happened: Hydrocarbon based gel + heat (arcing) + oxygen = fire. Nothing has blown up, but there have been isolated cases where medical goofs have set patients on fire… The best one was in an ICU with a patient on a ventilator (using 100% O2). They disconnected the vent & laid the vent circuit across the patient’s chest (instead of removing it completely), which was still flowing 100% O2 @10 breaths per minute right where the paddles were, didn’t wipe nitro paste off & defibbed him. So 6-10 milliseconds later the patient was on fire. It was a case study we had to present during the 2005 Guidelines Roll-Outs. Nitro patches don’t blow-up, the gel can ignite if not properly wiped off prior to using the defib.

  39. Pouya says:

    Episode 73: Beating the Speed Camera
    Top gear did infact try the samething and they were able to beat the speed camera without it even noticing the car going by…of course you need over 170 mph. check out this video and it will show you how they did it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph-qv4gYAE8

  40. Joe says:

    What I am looking for is a radar homing laser CANNON that would fire a laser beam to FRY the radar!!

  41. Andreiz says:



  42. Joop says:

    Hi guys, i worked with the dutch Calibration authority some years ago, comparable to the US NIST institute.
    Here in the Netherlands the police uses Gatso speed Cameras, these cameras work to speeds up to 450km/h or somewhere arounds 280mph.
    This is from a co worker of me back then who calibrated these things, so i think it is a reliable source.

  43. Jimmy says:

    I have a camera down the street from my house and I blow the light all the time at night when it’s late and nobody’s around, it’s a ridiculous light. Once they put the camera in I went out and bought the photoblocker spray. It flashes everytime but I never get a ticket so it’s working for me.

    • Trev says:

      lol, you got balls man!

      Does the DMV have the correct address for you?

  44. Mitchell says:

    A car can outspeed a speed camera, Its been tested on Top Gear..the s6 tvr was going over 170 mph and the camera didn’t even go off it was so fast

  45. ed h says:

    I just saw this program in the last few months here in WA, (re run) but in 2007 Andrew suggested a slave flash light placed on either a car or bike. I personally believe something like this would work, would like to see the Mythbusters test this, Its been a great show thank you

  46. yankyourchain says:

    The TV show “Road Wars” episode 23 showed a black VW Golf with a license plate easily identifiable by naked eye, but blank by police car camera. Driver was caught and fined.
    Myth plausible.

  47. ScionTC says:

    If I car cannot out run a camera then how come mine did? And.. I know people who have tested the photo blaocker spray and it’s worked!

  48. ScionTC says:

    Kiwi Mike,
    If you were to get pulled over you would probably get a ticket for the visible tape on your tag..

  49. MK says:

    the nitroglycerin one comes from medical professionals- we are always instructed to remove nitro patches before defibrillating a person in cardiac arrest. I was taught that they could possibly melt into or ignite if the electropads are placed over the patch. Never tried it, tho- if you were a patient, I bet you’d appreciate us puling them off of you first!

  50. Ornehx says:

    Top Gear Season 1 Episode showcased an experiment on this. The Stig drove a TVR Tuscan S at 171mph and beat the speed camera. The camera did not detect the car at all.

  51. Arnold says:

    Here is a method that is cheaper and works better than Photoblocker. Get Krylon reflect-a-lite clear spray paint. It uses glass shere technology that directly reflects light. Also get some reflective glass beads (available on ebay). the glass beads are extremely tiny and will embed in the spray paint. Now take a clear license plate cover and coat it with the clear reflect-a-lite spray paint and dust the wet surface with your reflective glass beads. Apply another two coats of clear reflect-a-lite spray paint ovet that and you have a surface that will defeat any flash at any angle!
    The reflect-a-lite spray paint will work pretty well by its self but the reflective glass beads turbo charge the effect. You can do this directly to the licence plate but I prefer useing a clear plate cover.

    • Bill says:

      did you try this method?

    • Jeff says:

      I am curious as to if you have tried this and had success with it. Did you spray the inside of the plate cover or did you spray the outside? Did you use a bubble type plastic cover or a flat cover?

    • Smokey says:

      FYI. In most states it is a misdemeanor crime to knowingly possess/display an altered license plate. I know this because I am facing such a charge here in Pennsylvania. The trooper was just being a jackass. The lawyers & judge all had to look it up it was so obscure. They had never heard of it. Sprays, beads, 3M tape could all easily be considered “altering,” Stick to doing stuff to a clear plate cover as Arnold suggested. The most you could get nabbed for is a ticket for obscured plate. Not a criminal charge and cost no more than a red light camera ticket so worse case your still ahead of the game.

  52. medi says:

    I have heard several people say that in a certain middle east country liquid cooking oil was successfully used to fool “traffic cameras” that are used to monitor no-go streets during rush hour.
    the thinking behind it be that the oil creates too much of a glare for the camera to work effectively.
    would you please in your usual way look in to it.
    Thank you!

    • ldillon says:

      There was a stop sign where I used to live that had profanity written on it (supposedly with lard) that was invisible during the day but totally visible at night. It’s still up because the county road crews cannot see it during the day.

  53. Camera king says:

    Simple way to beat overhead speed cameras. All speed cameras move no matter how well they are secured. The camera office use a simple calculation to work out your speed. The angle of the camera to the road is used on the calculation because the camera is never pointing head on to the vehicle. This speed calculation is nearly always wrong because the angle of the camera moves and distorts the calculation.. Justice department know this is happening and are trying everything to keep this fact away from the general public…Its true !! its now !!and its totally dishonest of the Justice department..If the camera moves one inch any direction the speed calculation is wrong Fight your case always always you can win

    • Rob says:

      photo radar uses a specific angle, what about flat mirrors that are beside the plate to reflect the flash.

    • Corinne says:

      i am on you with letting God be the divrer. I used to worry and get stressed and now, I simply say, God, help me out. And he does. He knows just what to do. I’m glad that you have your 9th Ideal client and that you get more! Cute album too!

  54. Kelly says:

    The simplest way is to go around the intersection. Get out your map. Usually you lose only a few minutes of time – what’s a few minutes compared to the cost of a ticket???

    Even better – as fewer vehicles go through the intersection, tickets drop. And when they drop enough, the cameras become a liability – too high an expense for the income – and are removed.

    This takes time, but it is the easiest, safest way to get rid of cameras.

    It helps if you avoid merchants in the vicinity of the cameras because they petition the elected officials to remove the cameras so they can save their businesses. Sometimes they move out and leave partly empty shopping centers there, so even less reason for anyone to go into the intersection.



    • tekphnx says:

      There’s a red light camera at the only entrance/exit to my neighborhood, so going around it is impossible!

    • Trev says:

      There is one at the only way across a bridge in Marysville CA. I hate it because I usually avoid them but this one would take huge effort to avoid.

      IMO this is a violation of human right to privacy, dignity, compassion, etc.. and possibly violates the 4th amendment of the US constitution.

      • Tonya says:

        fill it full of silly string.

  55. chris says:

    what about if you set a slave flash on the back shelf of the car, so when the camera flashes the car the slave flash will first a bright flash black, hopefully making the photos un-usable??

  56. Santa Claus says:

    I have a bike carrier on the back of my car and where it connects to the trailer hitch covers up my license plate enough to prevent photo tickets

    • capitan says:

      this works i use it on the back of my car with a bike that is covered, works like a charm.

    • Tonya says:

      excellent idea. thx

  57. planty says:

    hi from germany!
    … the exact speed to outspeed the cam is 155,871 mph! you can see it on the german cannel “PRO7″ telecast “GALLILEO” they make this test with a Posche911 Turbo!

  58. Idea says:

    Has anyone ever considered a LCD panel as a plate cover with a remote switch to turn it on/off? When off, it is completely transparent, when on completely black. Tying that into GPS and a list of known speed cameras would make it amazing!

  59. Declan says:

    i think ive found a way of blocking the license plate, watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQSDLySi8G8

  60. Sean Ferguson says:

    There is a method used to avoid the toll to enter London, England. In England one makes their own tags. Look around for similar cars and make plates with the other’s number and use them when getting photoed entering London. Try this for the outrageous NYC EZ Pass tolls. Hemmings used to have a source of fake plates.

  61. danny beardmore says:

    In this episode y diddnt u use 1 way glass or 1 way tint on front of the number plate

  62. Jake Julesverne says:

    Since the photosensitive receiver in the camera is extremely sensitive to infrared, placing full-time-on ultra-bright IR LEDs facing out would cause an overload in the camera and a white-out blank picture would result.

  63. Fred says:

    I was an intern in cardiology in 1998. With my own eyes I witnessed a small explosion on the chest of a poor guy during defib. His nitro patch made a small explosion during the defib. He felt nothing, he was gone and never woke up due to MI, however shock of what I saw still is there. I think myth busters are not always right.

  64. rdf says:

    I saw the re-run of this episode the other day and I would like to say that you are wrong! It is possible to go fast enough to beat a speed camera! In the first episode of TopGear UK, they wanted to see if it was indeed possible because there was a rumour going around, that if you could go fast enough, past a speed camera the camera would not be able to record the speed. They had set up a speed camera 2 miles down a runway and they used a TVR Tuscan S. Over the 2 miles it was travelling just over 170mph and as it went past the camera, the camera never flashed. The car was travelling so fast that the camera never even recognised it – as it went past. So this myth should be confirmed. In essence, you’ll need a car that should be travelling faster than 170mph over a 2 mile run.

  65. Mikes Place says:

    New downward flash that detects the flash from the photo radar cameras whites out the plate. Mythbusters should put this one to the test! I have my own results would love to see yours!

  66. RWE says:

    Public Referendums are 90% effective at beating speed cameras.

    Here is a more interesting ‘myth’ to test: there have been stories from antiradar groups about police radars clocking palm trees at 30mph and so on. What about the ‘myths’ that various things can cause a radar to overstate a vehicle speed?

  67. Renny says:

    I think its more to do with theyre not going to show you publicly on TV how to beat a speed camera so instead make it so they seem like theyre not going to work to make people thing theyre a waste of money

  68. Frank says:

    I got done recently and there was a small part of another car in my detection square. I called to query it and they just told me that they were happy with it and if I didn’t agree I’d have to contest it in court.

    Starting to think that if they are not going to play fair.. why should we?

  69. REV says:

    Seems to me We The People took on an evil overlord for a lot less then we tolerate today.

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