Episode 44: Paper Crossbow

Air Date: January 11, 2006

A prison inmate can kill another inmate across the hall using a crossbow made of newspaper.


Jamie and Adam built separate crossbows for the myth and fired a few shots each. Testing proved that it is possible to kill someone using a paper crossbow, but it would require a precise shot to a vital spot (like a major blood vessel in the neck), which is difficult with improvised weapons such as a paper crossbow. The crossbows each became useless after a few shots, further showing that the shooter would have only a single shot to hit a vital spot.

Vodka can remove cigarette smoke smell from clothes.


There was a noticeable difference between the control jacket and one sprayed with vodka before washing. Grant described the control jacket as having an "ok smell" to it, while on the vodka jacket he couldn’t detect any such smell.

Vodka can kill bees like an insecticide.


The control water killed more bees (2) than vodka, which failed to kill any. The bees sprayed with water went into a comatose-like state and awoke later the next day when they dried off. The bees sprayed with Vodka showed no ill effects at all.

Vodka can be used as a bathroom cleaner.


Vodka proved to be less effective than a commercial bathroom cleaner, but still serviceable.


  1. Ninja says:

    I hear that Coke can be used as a toilet cleaner. It contains a certain acid that is able to corrode w/e is left on the toilet bowl.

  2. Ray says:

    Whoa, all this tipping Vodka on the floor is a very expensive way of cleaning. Does this have anything to do with why some people use only a teaspoon of methylated spirits in hot water to clean their tiles??

  3. wurmsrus says:

    ninja they did some similar tests with coke in episode 5

  4. Gene.K says:

    Once again, Grant’s nose is used.

  5. Tod Thompson says:

    Well, having been in prison before I can assure you that a crossbow out of newspaper is not only possible but very likely. You would not believe the assortment of weapons and poisons available to the pissed off and determined inmate.Going to prison changed my life. Some for the better, some for the worse but one thing it did big time is, it opened my eyes. By the way, I don’t do things that would wind me up in the slammer anymore.At least that’s my story. And in prison I learned that if you have a good story-stick to it, man!

  6. Christopher Treptow says:

    I built a paper crossbow at home. I used a dowel that I sharpened with a pencal sharpener as an arow. I fired it at a cardbord box top, the arow went through the box top and in to the stirofome
    box behind it. I think that indicates it can kill.

  7. Mark Novaky says:

    To be fair the bees sprayed with Vodka were a little ‘buzzed’.

    • ryan says:

      I put out a can of vodka and it killed hundreds of nats

  8. Jay Andrian Arañez says:

    I like the crossbow made of newspaper. I’ll make one tomorrow..

  9. Gregg says:

    While serving in the army in Germany I once dribbled some cleaning solvant on a bee. It struggled a few seconds before rolling onto its back with its feet together. I thought it was dead until several minutes later when it started wrigging. It eventually got to its feet and buzzed off.

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