Episode 35: Border Slingshot

Air Date: July 27, 2005

Illegal immigrants are being launched over the United States border by the means of a giant slingshot.


In addition to being unable to achieve the distance and accuracy reported, the device could not be constructed in such a way as to allow the quick assembly and disassembly required for the myth. In addition, the person being thrown would likely be killed on impact.


  1. Jawa says:

    This was perhaps one of the most hilarious episodes EVER.

  2. ROFL says:

    This is the most insane tests I have heard of. LOL! I got to get a hold of this episode! :)

  3. jowolf359 says:

    You would have to use a catapult to get the needed loft, and the impact would be fatal.

  4. mark coon says:

    We use small slig shots made with medical tubing to launch mini pumpkins at our pumpkin farm’s fall festival. we would like to build a larger slig shot to launch full sized pumpkins this year. Are any of your test results on surgical tubing or plans available for review? Thanks

  5. Jordan moran says:

    I thought it was a bit crazy even with a safety specialist but its okay I might do it when Im older and can swim so see you in the bermuda triangle

  6. Leon Stark says:

    Can you say, “Trebuchet”? (trey boo SHAY) I think it is a French name for a version of catapult. (See “Punkin Chunkin'”)

    Of course, you two are the Kings of the Air Cannon! But that is not a likely possibility for human propulsion.

    Question? Could a trebuchet be rigged to look like/ work like a flatbed trailer when not in use hauling stuff?

    • Treb says:

      A trebuchet has a weight that swings down to swing the arm up, launching the projectile. A catapult uses tension alone and not a weight. Honestly, you could just say they’re both types of catapult, but a trebuchet can easily be more powerful but would be larger and much much taller.

  7. Roger Jollie says:

    Turns out they were using a catapult to launch pot over the border (not people):


  8. Ryan says:

    the two support towers have to come down too almost the same time when you release the dummy! I’ve learned this since I was a kid.

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