Episode 31: Breaking Glass

Air Date: May 18, 2005

A wine glass shatters if a person sings at the right tone.


Using lead crystal glasses, Adam proved part of the myth by breaking a glass with his amplified voice. Rock singer Jaime Vendera was then able to break a glass using his unaided voice, confirming the entire myth.

A rolling stone can truly gather no moss.


While a rolling stone can pick up moss when rolled down a hill, that moss cannot grow onto the rock while it is rolling.

A shop vacuum can act similar to a jet engine if it is used to suck up gasoline.


Newer model vacuums have the air flow isolated from the engine; even if this were not the case, the only results would be a small fire.


  1. Ah, so you already tried the wine glass one. A bit sad, I thought I’d be first to try it, but then again, I was right! (My opera singing wife doubted it, and scientists elsewhere on the net claim that it is impossible).

    Actually, we did preliminary experiments, but the glass amplified my wife’s voice so much that it became painful. Our earmuffs didn’t help much (they were rated for lawn mowers. Perhaps if they were rated for jet engines…)

    Didn’t the mythbusters have problems with that? I suppose they could have used a different glass (we used cheap glass, crystal was too expensive)

  2. jamoecw says:

    every crystalin structure has a harmonic resonence, whoever your scientist freinds are they aren’t well versed in such things. the military has been working on stuf like this for quite some time for diferent applications, i am not entirely sure of their results though.

  3. Andrea Donze says:

    I am having trouble finding the episode which stated moss only grows on the south side of tree trunks – which proved futile as the team was unable to grown moss at all. I was told by a landscaper that in order to grow moss you must prepare the surface where growth is desired by painting a generous coat of buttermilk first – then seed with desired moss. Did I really see this episode or was I dreaming?

  4. Alex Alicea says:

    I can’t believe Jamie could not break the glass with that squirrel on his upper lip.

  5. caleb says:

    Just because the vacuum sucks up gasoline, what lights it?

    • Rick Hutchinson says:

      on this myth I have personally (to my own shame) have created propulsion with gasoline vapor and a vacuum cleaner. This happend by accident while i used and old electolux vacuum cleaner to clean the area around the opening for a in tank fuel pump I was replacing. not wanting to get dirt in the tank I use an old vacuum to clear away the dirt. the motor ignited the gas fumes and a 3 ft long blue erupted from the exhaust of the vacuum and it began moving across the floor. It jerked the cord out of the wall.

  6. bill says:

    for the wine glass breaking for the right tone. when you were geting the tone for the computer to repeat, you were holding onto the glass, changing the resistance. if you collected the frequency of the glass by first tapeing it down like when you ran the test you could have got the correct frequency

  7. Winifred says:

    The new show Head Rush used a the clip from the “breaking a glass” episode, but they’ve bleeped out the name of the audio studio that helped you do it. They also blurred the studio sign.


    • barcio says:

      I was wondering the same thing!

  8. Mike Ltv says:

    I remember that in one of the Mythbusters episodes, they revisited the breaking glass myth and someone claimed that something in the foreground (probably the microphone) was actually a sonic gun which broke the glass.

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