Episode 13: Buried in Concrete, Daddy Long-legs, Jet Taxi

Air Date: February 15, 2004

Jimmy Hoffa was buried in Giants Stadium.


Adam and Jamie tested several areas on the field held by rumor to be Hoffa’s final resting place. No readings were found consistent with a cavity left by a body which had rotted away.

A Daddy long-legs spider has the most potent venom of all spiders, but is unable to pierce human skin.


A Daddy long-legs was able to bite through the skin of Adam’s arm. He reported nothing more than a very mild, short-lived burning sensation. Analysis of the venom proves it does not approach the potency of the Black widow spider.

Jet wash from an airliner can overturn a taxi if the vehicle passes behind the jet as it goes to full throttle.


Adam and Jamie tried overturning a used taxi they had purchased, but were unable to get the car to turn over; they couldn’t bust the myth because they were unable to acquire proper jet engines for insurance reasons, and had to settle for smaller ones. However, they were able to confirm that a taxi in Brazil was blown off the road by an airliner which was taking off. But that a car will pass behind a jet is very improbable.

*Initially, this myth could only be declared plausible because the MythBusters had trouble obtaining clearance to use a proper airliner. In Episode 87, it was retested with a Boeing 747 and it was confirmed.


  1. kev dipple (uk) says:

    Jet wash taxi. I know this myth is fact, on a tv show back hear in good old blighty as Adam tells us, is a programme called top gear where they actually did this stunt, granted it was using a citroen 2cv (a french circus clowns car but a real car none the less) they succeeded in overturning it using an large aircraft. So i think you should retry it with a lighter car such as a honda civic or something of that size. Then it should be confirmed.

    • Ginger says:

      I’ve observed “daddy long legs” often. I notice, in my backyard, they only have one body segment, six legs and two antennae. It is obvious in the creature’s movement. Although my friends don’t seem to believe me, I caught the daddy long legs carrying off the cat’s food. I moved the cat’s food inside.

      • thomas says:

        you are funny.

    • Johnny says:

      This was done before the Top Gear episode, top gear episode came out July 18, 2004 this came out first.

  2. stasis says:

    Well busted or not, I’m still gonna tell my kids that a daddy-long-legs is the most lethal spider. Makes ’em think you know. Does that make me mean?

    • sharon says:

      It doesn’t make you mean it does make you a lier. Why would you willfully misinform your own children? What is it gonna make them think and why do you want to teach them it is ok to lie? Your are supposed to teach your children not lie to them.

      • Vivian says:

        That’s true and I’m a child don’t lie if I was your kids I would think your dis onest and mean and a lier.

    • thomas says:

      no, maybe foolish. let em go around catchin the real dangerous ones while they steer clear of these “killers”

    • Ken says:

      Go for it, if your kid grows up and still believes things like that you know you have a dumb one.

      Still teach them about the dangerous spiders. If they question the plausibility of the daddy long legs at least you know they are not completely with out hope.

      Sharon and Thomas needs to lighten up…

  3. marvin says:

    At first I to thought Jimmy Hoffa was buried at the stadium until I saw that episode about it

  4. erika says:

    THE DADDY LONG LEGS IS NOT A SPIDER!!! It is a relative of the spider….IT’S ACTUALLY CALLED A HARVESTMEN. Real harvesmen do not have fangs or venom glands. AUSTRALIA ALSO HAS A COMMON NAME SPIDER CALLED THE DADDY LONG LEGS, This is a spider.

    • Jalverson says:

      actually the daddy longleg is a mite. a common insect that bites and causes irration. daddy longlegs however dont mess with humans. but nevertheless its a mite.

      • KR says:

        Adam’s says they do science, so listen to him.

    • Stephanie says:

      Here in the US, the term “daddy long legs” is often used to describe 3 different critters. 1) The Harvestman. Not actually a spider, but still in the arachnid family. 2 eyes. No fangs, no venom, no silk. Will eat solid matter including decaying vegetation and even bird poo! 2) Cellar spider (pholcidae). Actual spider with fangs and venom. Known to catch and kill other spiders, including black widows and hobo spiders, in addition to insects. 3) Crane fly. Insect.

  5. ChocoboXii00/Fr says:

    Near the St-Marteen airport (very famous), we can read a paper and it say….
    “Warning ! Departing and arriving planes !
    Jets Blast can cause physical injuries !”
    Because the beach and the road are very near the runaway, when a 747 prepare to take-off, it tail can reac the top of the little wall between the road and the airport ! ^^

  6. Joseph says:

    The jet washed car maybe plausible. When the plane lands the vortex the plane generates and the wind coming off the engines, may cause the car to flip.

  7. Stika says:

    So how did the venom get tested?
    was it injected into his arm?

    cause we have all been told there fangs arn’t strong enough to bite us.

    P.S. im talking about australian version…. the spider variety.

    • Jalverson says:

      ah but the myth was about the mite commonly known as the daddy long leg in america.

    • Cpt Obvious says:

      why do people ask questions about the episode instead of just watching it?
      there needs to be an IQ test along with name and email required for posting

  8. Maynard says:

    I know of at least two incidents where cars were overturned when passing behind jet engines operating at full throttle. Also, some deer had the misfortune of running behind a jet engine operating at full throttle and were thrown several yards away where they expired.

  9. Dan says:

    I just came across this video showing a 747 blasting a large service truck off the taxiway.

  10. idan says:

    the taxi can fly!!! see “top gear” they did it just for fun, and they did it with onlt 2 engines running of a boeing jumbo 747. 4 engines can make a car fly!!!!!!!!

  11. Trent says:

    Jimmy Hoffa? In giants Stadium? Are you out of your mind?

  12. Andre says:

    where did they buy that taxi from???

  13. AARGG says:

    uhhhhhh… daddy long legs only have 6 legs… not 8 likespiders

  14. miroslav says:

    the taxi can fly!!! see “top gear” they did it just for fun, and they did it with onlt 2 engines running of a boeing jumbo 747. 4 engines can make a car fly!!

  15. Grant says:

    What if Jimmy Hoffa’s body were ground up and mixed into the concrete surface below the feild. It would leave smaller voids when the pieces rotted away, and possibly not disturb the workability and cured strenght of the concrete to any great extent.

    • MSpears says:

      And then you’d have a relationship you can build upon… if you’ll pardon the pun.

  16. Grant says:

    On second thought, Why not just cremate the body in a high temperature furnace and scatter the bone ashes in with the concrete? There, no voids, problem solved.

  17. Behn says:

    OK, toys back in prams kids. The daddy long legs is both a ‘spider’ and an insect.
    How? Culture. In the USA (and one of the 2 species in the UK), the harvestman is called a daddy long legs. These are arachnids (same family as spiders). These are not dangerous to humans. In the UK, the other species known as the daddy long legs is the Crane fly. These are not dangerous to humans as these are not venomous. These are the insects referred to in Ricky Gervais’ Animals show.
    In Australia there is a daddy long legs spider. This was the spider in the Mythbusters program.
    Tell them the myth if you want, it just makes people like me look more intelligent when we tell them the facts (I am a field studies instructor!)

  18. Behn says:

    Oh, and jet taxi has been confirmed in the Supersize Myths special.

  19. betaluva says:

    i was the person who asked mythbusters to prove whether daddy long-legs has the most potent venom of all spiders, now i know the answer, thanks mythbusters : )

  20. rebeca says:

    are you sure a brown recluse isn’t deadlier? i know some one who got bitten by one.

  21. Ryan Melton says:

    Can you jump out of an falling jet Froom 2000 feet with springs on your feet and live with a broken arm.

  22. Reg says:

    I thought that Daddy long legs was the most venomus spider in the world. Though harmless to humans but very lethal to other spiders. I have seen a daddy longlegs kill a red back spider. The main body of the redback was the size of a credit card. I tried this experment in fish tank and within two days the redback was dead.

  23. rudy says:

    the daddy long legs is the most venomus spider

    • sharon says:

      The spider may be but the one in America is not. They do not even posess venom.

  24. Samuel Gladden says:

    Brown recluse may hurt but you will survive.

  25. caleb says:

    Erika, you said it yourself, real harvestmen don’t have fangs or venom glands. But then how did one of the daddy long legs bite Adam and how did they find any venom at all.

    • sharon says:

      They secrete a substance that smells bad to predators so they will think they tase bad and don’t want to eat them. That may be what they tested I don’t know I missed that show. Just ran into this site doing research on daddy longlegs for my biology class.

  26. Sleepy says:

    Surprise!!! An engine that puts out 22,000 lbs of force can flip a 3000 pound car. If you take a person who can lift 220lbs are you going to say its impossible for the same person to life 30 lbs and then watch an hour episode of him lifting it? I think the cool thing about the episode was just the fact that I’m jealous they can procure a plane and blast things with it for fun.

  27. eZi says:

    Jet taxi was what kind of car???

  28. Jesse says:

    yeah Brown Recluse will really screw you up i know i got bit…and yes i am alive still but it cuased me ALOT of PAIN! and yet again just got bit by another spider 2 days ago so now gots to get it looked at again. my nose is very very very swollen, and sein 2 famg marks on it tha wa i do sucks but yeah

  29. Dana says:

    Those don’t look anything like what we call daddy longlegs here in Texas.

  30. daddylonglegsx says:

    I have a daddy long leg spider in my room i have aloud one to grow and it has a fat abdomen in 1 month, i just noticed it today because a huge mosquito fly bug came inside and i tried to make it go outside but it got caught in the big daddy long legs web, the spider lashed at it in like a split second then the mosquito bug fly feel on the ground and started to have a fit, i watched fit, then killed it incase it flew at my face..so maybe they are the deadliest..

  31. st.louisitalian says:

    Jimmy Hoffa was completely ground up at Ralston Purina! they will never find him. FACT!!!

    • KR says:

      Hoffa is buried under M5 Industries.

    • sharon says:

      It is not a fact! A fact is something that can be proven! You can not prove your belief therefore it is an opinion and NOT a fact!

  32. daddylonglegsnonbeliever says:

    my husband is trying to tell me that a daddy long legs spider can bite, I don’t believe it! I have had a laugh reading all of these comments though, are these real??

  33. kitty1970 says:

    daddy long legs have one round shaped body part in witch the torax, head and abdomen are combined unlike other spiders witch have three segmented parts. yes they do belong to the same family as piders (arachnids) but they are not spiders.
    im helpng my mom with an arguementive essay for collage.

  34. copychief says:

    Three creatures here in the States are known as “daddy longlegs.” One is the crane fly: harmless. Another is the harvestman, a pill-shaped arachnid that is not a spider; it has no venom, and also is harmless. The third is the cellar spider (Pholcidae), which has fangs and venom and is associated with the legend about fatal envenomation. This third creature is the one tested on “Mythbusters” and also has been shown to be harmless.

  35. bifimera says:

    a body in concrete would be preserved (maybe in a few cases), not rotting even after decades, i’ve seen it.

  36. Love says:

    What WE call a Daddy-Long-Legs is not even a real spider, and the Daddy-Long-Legs spider (cellar spider) has not, according to this site, been tested as to the level of venom toxicity(sp)… Don’t know what kinda creature MythBusters was testing, but it sure wasn’t OUR Daddy-Long-Legs !

    • sharon says:

      Our daddy longlegs is Not venomus! Quit beliving everything someone tell you and look it up. Not on a wiki site either go to something like ohioline.osu.edu or any other edu site as they are sites generally run by universities with accurate info.

  37. No One says:

    “Jet wash from an airliner can overturn a taxi if the vehicle passes behind the jet as it goes to full throttle” was actually re-tested with a Boeing 747 in Episode 90

  38. Anonymus says:

    I know exactly where his body is. Met the man who personally buried him. Doesn’t do me any good though. I’d end up swimming with the fishes regardless of how much I got paid. But it’s nice to somewhat get it out.

  39. Unknown says:

    That daddy long legs had bitten me ,while I was in the garage I just holded it in my hands then in a second I felt pain.

  40. Chuck says:

    To clear up the confusion –
    ‘Daddy Long Legs’ is used for a many kinds of insects (e.g. crane flies), harvestmen (Opilionids), spiders and etc. Presumably, the myth refers to spiders since it refers to bites and venom and cellar spiders (Pholcids) are frequently called daddy long legs and are commonly found in houses.
    Pholcids have 2 body parts separated by narrow waist, 8 legs, fangs, venom glands and are typically found hanging in webs.
    Toxicity tests were done on mice under the supervision of a veternarian, using a minimum number of mice and using several methods to minimize suffering. Black widow venom was used for comparison.
    The venom was from Physocyclus mexicanus males and these were also used for the fang measurements and bite tests.
    We only tested one species. There are many other species of pholcids, so …

  41. Wiets Bezuidenhout says:


    I cameaccross a Daddy Longleg Web in my house and caught in the web was a smal red Scorpion the Spider attacked it and killed it if you are interested I will post the Video clip my Son made

  42. Jenji says:

    black widows can only kill you if you are allergic to them

  43. Stephanie says:

    You do realize that they probably got a lot of requests from a lot of different people about this, right? Probably hundreds, if not more. It’s a myth and the show is called Mythbusters.

  44. Tom says:

    Mythbuster’s never seem to be able to recreate the myths correctly. Using jets for special effects to blow a car away??? Not quite the same as a a plane starting to full throttle…

  45. Julia Kneisley says:

    Last year, the Mythbusters came to my hometown to do Mythbusters: Behind the Myths Tour.

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