Special 14: Car Conundrum

Air Date: June 23, 2010

This episode was a remix of three of the most popular car myths. It included the following segments:

Underwater Car
Hollywood Crash Test
Cement Mix-Up


  1. Zac says:

    Hi Guys,

    Love the show, but with one of your myths about the car skimming water was not accurate.

    The car used in the movie canonball fever was a lamborghini which is a mid mount motor (at the back of the car). The car used in your myth was a motor which sits at the front of the car.

    The reason why the myth did not work was because the weight of the car was at the front, hence why it flipped. The nose went down first.

    I think if you got a car with the same width wheels as the lamborghini has much wider wheels which could be an aspect of it skimming and the same design being a mid mount motor, it might work.

    Try using a Toyota MR2.

    • jeremy says:

      i totaly agree rear engine in the lambos a mr2 may be more accurate

    • JeremyZ says:

      Umm NO! the car used in the myth was a Pontiac Fiero. The engine is in fact in between the front and rear wheels. Which by definition a mid-engine car. They explained why the car flipped. the ramp they used was too short, once the front wheels left the ramp the rear wheels then contacted the ramp causing the rear to raise up while the front started to lower… I’m sure there’s someone else out there who can explain it better. Oh wait that would be Grant! :-)

  2. kevin says:

    your show dose rock but i seen on the weather channel around july 6,7 or 8 where a truck blew up because of a cylinder of co2 in it and the heat of the sun it made a big mess like you guys would like. the cylinder was peled like a bananna the cylinder was 4 r 5 inch around and maybe 14 inch tall i know you guys have try stuff like this with no luck. but i have had clear green cigarettes lighter blow up in my car and crack my windshield for sure little pieces all over the seat and dash. i think that it is not just the heat of the car but the sun rays going into the cleargreen lighter and causeing a green house effect inside of the lighter and bulding pressure plus the heat of the car i try not to buy the clear lighter and i do not leave them in the seat or where the sun can hit them i live in texas and in july and august it is very hot here and dry i am a big fan of your and i have seen the lighter shows but it did happen for sure kevin from TX

  3. kevin says:

    ZAC I think that he car they used was a rear motor car but most high end sports car as a solid skid plat on the bottom of them for better air flow dont think that the car that the buster use did but im not for sure i think that the ramp they used kick the back of the car up a little to high also i seen 4wheeler with skid plats skimm for a long way a cross he water.

    • JeremyZ says:

      The redesigned ramp made the second Fiero able to skim across the water.

  4. Henry says:

    I do love ur episode . I am from Myanmar.
    I have some advice for ur project. Actually ,in our country there is a myth for elephants. They said that when elephants die they used to go to their grave which is secret place for them.Only them self know that place.When they getting sick seriously they tried to die where the place that they fix.
    I think it may be right & true myth.B’coz we never found elephant’s dead body no matter how we went around the jungle .Eventuality they are very big .According to the myth when we found out the grave of elephants we can get so many valuable things from their dead body! such that tooth ,like that for long time ago one body after another.In this way become a group of climate.That is why what i like to suggest is that just proof it is real or not if u can/
    have a nice day/

  5. brett patrick says:

    I know everybody says this but I am truly a gigantic fan of your show. I hope it does not end anytime. I never miss a episode and thats hard because I have to go to school. I have a few myths I am not sure you tested 1/will you get sucked out a plane window if you open it. 2/can piranahs eat a human / everything bones included.

  6. brett patrick says:


  7. Dave Edelhart says:

    But the mythbusters often admit they got a myth wrong … and if the mythbusters are never wrong, then they were wrong when they admitted they were wrong … urr … pedantic noob brain error … urr …

  8. jim says:

    better gas milage with the tail gate up or down on my 2009 f150 thank you.

  9. Allen says:

    Would it be possible for a 12 year old boy to throw a rock at the back window (laminated safety glass) of a moving bus (going at 6km/h) moving away from him and smash it out

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