Buster’s Cut 3: Knock Your Socks Off

Air Date: July 14, 2010

This episode was a re-edited airing of Knock Your Socks Off. It featured some never before seen footage and behind the scenes information.


  1. Robyn says:

    you know the Christmas stocking you hang on Christmas. Those are classed as socks. I bet if someone pointed their feet and was punched the socks would come off!

  2. steven schmitz says:

    hey i live in vinton iowa if some one falles form 10,000 feet will they live if they land in water

    • Mark says:

      You would not survive if you fell 10,000 feet. Even surviving 50-75 feet would be considered a MIRACLE. 10,000 feet is just whack.

  3. Matt Evans says:

    with grand,tory,and carys test with the rocket man why did they not try a traditional approach of surfboard with wings like on a plane mid way with tail fins with the rockets on the wings the pilot would not get burnt and the balance would be in the right places……
    Love the show..

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